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“I am so excited to share my first public playlist from our Finding Your Freestyle class at Body & Pole! Music is pretty much the most important factor for me when it comes to the environment supporting the journey. Sounds, beats, layers, tone, all need to frequently feel fresh for the mover’s auditory experience. If […]

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I think about the kind of mood I want to create in class when I’m putting together my playlists. For my flexibility classes I like to have music that isn’t too distracting, but has just enough energy to keep students focused and motivated!

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This post is written by Body & Pole instructor, Stella Fink! Follow Stella’s pole adventures on her Instagram @stellamybella. The transition from pole kitten to a well-seasoned prowling lioness can be quite a journey, but once you begin mastering the basics… have fun, put on some good tunes, and explore different ways to express yourself […]

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Hi my die-hard Level 3 pole people! I’m here today to talk about beginning to take Level 4 pole classes. *whaaaat!?!?!?* That’s right – if you’ve been taking Level 3 pole for a while, it may be time (and no there’s no time like the present), to try a Level 4 class! DISCLAIMER: While I’m […]

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Ever hear a song in class during the middle of a warm-up that made you want to run over to the iPod to see the name so that you could download for you own playlist? More often than not, once class starts it’s easy to forget and only to remember after class, once it’s too […]

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Let’s start with: Why Move? Movement opens you up, forces you to face yourself, allows you to analyze your life, puts you in touch with your soul. Movement through dance is the expression of your soul’s energy. You exorcise your demons, celebrate your victories, and embody your full feminine essence (even if you’re a man) […]

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