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Let’s start with: Why Move? Movement opens you up, forces you to face yourself, allows you to analyze your life, puts you in touch with your soul. Movement through dance is the expression of your soul’s energy. You exorcise your demons, celebrate your victories, and embody your full feminine essence (even if you’re a man) […]

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This article is contributed by Brooke Foorman, a recent Body & Pole Summer Camper who conducted her Why We Pole video series with campers and instructors at Body & Pole. We love it, so we want to share it! “I began Why We Pole in 2014 because I had just began teaching pole in Lansing, […]

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Summer Camp at Body & Pole is in full effect, and I’m lucky enough to be an instructor on the roster. The classes that these campers get to take are so dope that even other instructors here at the studio want to partake! I mean, can I please take Power Heels with Sam Star?! The […]

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