Aerial SILK

Aerial Silk (aka “fabric“ or “tissu”) is an aerial apparatus consisting of two pieces of fabric suspended from the ceiling. You will learn how to climb and wrap the silks to create various holds and “locks” around your body. Silk classes will help you build upper body strength, increase flexibility and coordination. No worries if you have none of these skills. We will teach you all the basics needed to progress. We recommend taking 3-5 Intro classes and/or receiving instructor approval before moving to a Level 1 class. If you have some experience in silks we recommend you begin with a Level 1 class and inquire directly with your instructor to have your accurate level assessed.



If you have never taken Aerial Silk and are new to aerial dance, this is the class for you. Your instructor will begin class by leading you through a series of strength, flexibility and conditioning exercises that will help prepare you later on transition into the air. You will learn basic climbing skills, as well as how to create “locks” around your body using the fabric. After grasping these fundamentals, you will be prepared to join our beginner level Aerial Silk classes. We recommend that you take Intro to Silk 3-5 times or have instructor approval prior to joining Silk Level 1 classes.


Aerial SILK – LEVEL 1

Develop your strength, stamina and stability in Level 1 Silk. You should be able to perform a basic climb and create foot locks on both sides unassisted in the air. Class will begin with basic skills and conditioning, gradually progressing into learning more elaborate poses and tricks as well as longer sequences of aerial movement.


Aerial SILK– LEVEL 2

Progress into advanced poses and choreographed flows in Level 2 Silk. Prior to joining, you must be proficient with aerial inversions, hip keys, hip locks and catchers wraps. In this class, you will be introduced to spinning and drops. There will be increased focus on stamina and longer sequencing. You will also be given the freedom to freestyle in this class.



Learn how to make aerial dance look effortless, fluid, and free. Hammock Fluidity classes focus on transitions and connections between skills in the hammock. You will learn and practice specific skills and tricks, while being given freedom to create your own artistic choices and quality of movement. You must be proficient with ground based inversions, have prior experience using a fabric-based apparatus, or be at least a Level 1 aerial student or Level 2 pole student in order to take this class.


Come practice what you’ve learned in class – train with friends or on your own. This is not a class – No instructor will be present for teaching/spotting.