January is here! The beginning of another year, full of promise, intentions, and busy classes around the studio! Every year seems to start with the same enthusiasm, but as February looms on the horizon, focus can fade, winter blues kick in, and our best laid plans begin to dissolve.

How can you keep your energy flowing both in and out of the classroom?

1) Your movement life knows no timeline!
While the beginning of the year often prompts the “get in shape” resolution, there’s no reason to be defeated if you start to lag. Make movement a part of your life every day all year! How can you do this? By….

2) Setting manageable goals.
Any movement you do throughout your day is going to benefit you. Setting arbitrary goals of “taking 5 classes a week” or “working out for an hour every day” can make it feel like anything less than your goal is unacceptable. Commit to one class a week, 1-3 stretches a day, or 10 minutes of rolling around on the floor to your favorite song! Feeling bored with what your doing?

3) Try something new!
Breaking out of your comfort zone of movement practice can challenge your body in new ways and revive your inspiration. Whether it’s trying Ring Thing® for the first time, or bending your body in ways you never imagined in flexibility training, set a goal to try a new class or activity, and make it a habit!

So ditch the “new year, new you” pressure! Set some goals, but keep it real, and we can’t wait to see you in class!