Aerial Dance and Fitness

If you’ve never taken an aerial class (Fabric, Hoop, Pole), you need to first sign up for an INTRO CLASS. It’s as low as $20!

Bachelorette and Birthday Parties at Body & Pole are unforgettable! They’ll be talking about it for years. Choose your Aerial Party: Pole, Hoop, or Fabric.

Enjoy exclusive and expert workshop series from our current staff with your current packages, with B&P PLUS! Coming up in May 2016, Pop on the Pole and Silks Fluidity!

A look inside Body & Pole

Learn. Create. Transform. Enjoy. Shift your perspective, and push your limits: Come take class at Body & Pole, and turn your world upside down! Our facility features five studios, a treatment room, exclusive retail and merchandise, and over 200 classes a week

  • Classes include Pole and Aerial Dance, Flexibility, Cross-Training
  • Intimate classes with world-renowned instructors
  • 10,000 square foot facility in the heart of Chelsea

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News & Updates


Ring Thing is now on the schedule every Monday at 6:15 PM, Wednesday at 1:30 PM, and Sunday at 4:00 PM with Sadie Wilhelmi! Click here to sign up on the Cross-Training schedule.

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