With so much off the table right now in NYC, I am grateful that I paid for an annual membership at Body & Pole when times were better and that their doors are now open for personalized training. This is my therapy. Training today really helped turn my attention away from the uncertain future and feel in my body in the present moment. Life is so much better in the studio…even if we don’t know ‘what’ exactly we are training for.


I haven’t had an aerial pole workout in over a year… so it was such a treat to be able to reserve an Open Pole Workout in Studio B of Body & Pole yesterday!! I lucked out and had the place all to myself and it really was a joy just to be able to dance inside a proper studio again!!!!


I started taking pole classes for fun and to lose weight at Body & Pole 7 years ago…20 pounds lighter and 7 years later I cannot imagine what my life would be like without their classes and the amazing friends I have made there.




Excellent staff, immaculate studio and just overall fun and challeneging. Has boosted my self esteem tremendously! – Anon

“I have been to other studios in the past but this place is definitely my favorite one. I love that they offer other classes not just pole dancing and they offer many classes throughout the week making it easy to sign up for what you need. All the instructors are also amazing and super friendly.They do sometimes have specials and offer packages at a discounted rate which is awesome. This is a pretty big studio, they have many classes going on at the same time, are very clean and they do have lockers available for you to put your stuff. I’ve recommended this studio to many friends already.” – Annette Guismondi

“I absolutely love the studio and everything that happens here. From the staff to the instructors, from hoop to fabric to pole! Thank you guys for becoming a part of my life!” – Yelena Men

Hands down the best staff of instructors in NY ! and also the most welcoming of studios — even as a newcomer i was welcomed by regular students and made to feel that yes, i belonged there. no reason to go elsewhere for class !! – Judy

“Great schedule system! Amazing teachers! Positive energy! Enjoy tremendously!!!” – Irina Mandrichin

“Great classes and Instructors. Very professional and care about everyone in class. Made sure to give attention and answer questions it was a great experience.” – Annette G Rodriguez

“There is no question about it, Body and Pole is by far THE best pole fitness studio in NYC. I discovered this gem last summer and my only regret is that I did not find them sooner. The space is beautiful, the staff and students are always friendly & supportive, and the instructors are top notch. Whether someone is brand new to pole or very advanced, the teachers at Body and Pole make sure each student feels both encouraged and challenged in every class. I have spent several years taking pole classes at a local studio and although I may have built some strength and a decent foundation, I have learned more from Kyra Johannesen at B&P in the last six months than I had in all the time I was in class before elsewhere. Thank you, Kyra!” – Michelle

“Studio is extremely clean and well maintained. Changing rooms are spacious. Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and informative, making classes challenging yet fun.” – Casey-Leigh Jordan

“The instructors’ enthusiasm was contagious; inspired by their profiency and love of the art.” – Adelaide Lin

“I travel from Texas monthly to take class at Body & Pole. I’ve been to several studios across the country (at least 15 in various cities, including others in NYC) and Body & Pole surpasses them all. The key difference is their commitment to proper technique and safety! Other quality aspects include that they are organized, accommodating to the consumer, highly skilled and talented instructors, and have lesson plans/curriculums that nicely and neatly integrate all elements of pole dancing (flexibility, strength, dance, floor, climbing, tricks, etc….). My attendance at B & P has improved my skills and enhanced my role as a pole instructor in Texas. Also, the studio’s staff and leadership create and maintain a culture for learning, having fun and connecting with others who share passion for pole dancing without any punitive, restrictive or exploitive deceit. Simply a Superb Studio!” – Karen

“I returned home a few days ago from my week of Traincation and am still spinning and reeling from the experience! It was my third time visiting and my experience only gets better! Every instructor is knowledgeable, attentive, patient, with each of them approaches their art with their own uniqueness and diversity, making the student experience well-rounded with opportunity for continued growth. The instructors’ passion for their work is contagious – I felt like I could do another 40 hours of pole for a second week in a row! The teachers and students were nothing but respectful and supportive when anyone fell short of being able to achieve something in class, as well as being the biggest cheerleaders for when anyone accomplished something. The class schedule has so many options, and with such world-class teachers, you really can’t go wrong with any of them! I immediately felt at home at B&P and look forward to returning for training in the future! Thank you for the incredible week!” – Justine

“Everyone is welcome to your studio no matter their skill level. People are encouraged to keep improving even when they struggle in a supportive environment.” – Courtney Patterson

“I started taking Level 1 Fabric classes with Alexandra last year and loved it! She has a very impressive background with Cirque du Soleil and teaches important technique that I need to grow as a dancer. I really like that she cares more about the quality of a move rather than the quantity of moves you can perform. I wish she taught Level 1 Fabric again and had more classes scheduled during the week! <3” - Adrienne

“I love always feeling challenged at BP and the constant communication I get – no matter how far away I am or how long it’s been since I visited, I feel like I’m always welcome back.” – Tiffany

“I love Body & Pole. You guys have taken me through a crappy divorce, a dramatic and unstable relationship, and lots of other drama last year. And I returned to the world of dance! Never ever thought that would happen when I walked out of my last low-paying, exhausting non-union show many years ago! Love all my B&P teachers and have gained lots of new amazing friends during these 8 months. Thank you for everything! Xo.” – Malin Bergman

“The studio is always clean, front desk stuff very helpful. Teachers are professional
and have individual approach. I love the studio!” – Pavla Bitterlichova

“Our bachelorette party pole dancing class was terrific! What a fun, nerve-racking, liberating experience! Perfect for group of gals looking to let loose and try something out of the ordinary! Definitely, definitely recommend.Our instructor was fantastic!” – Rae

“I just took a virgins class with Alexandra for silks and thought it was awesome! She teaches small details that really helped me nail down the fundamentals of silks so that I could survive a beginner’s class. Wished she taught more virgin silk classes!” – Adrienne

“I never take the time to write a review but after a great time here, I decided I should. I booked a private Aerial Hoop party for a ladies night at this location, and I must say my friends and I had an amazing time. When you enter, the staff at the front desk was kind. Our time there with her was Fantastic! Our instructor was so friendly, fun, and definitely entertained us with her attitude, dancing and flexibility. She had a lot of heart to willing to help spot each of us onto that hoop. She was so encouraging and supportive, because many of us where hesitant and afraid about getting on the hoop and being able to successfully complete the trick without falling. We would love to come back and have another class with her.” – Faranda C.

“As a former dancer, who wished she could work a 9-5 and then go take dance classes after work (kinda like my middle and high school days), I found my place at Body and Pole! I can even perform in their student showcase if I want to work towards that. The instructors are the best of the best, friendly and really seem to care about your progress. I love B&P!” – Anon

“Body & Pole is a very professional studio. You know you’re in the safest hands and you also know you’re going to have a ball of fun regardless of what class you’re taking. All the instructors are incredible and you know you’re going to get your butt kicked for sure.” – Anon

“Body & Pole has been such a transformative force in my life. I feel like a very different person after 6 months of pole + conditioning classes there, both mentally and physically. Every teacher I’ve ever had has been incredibly talented and knowledgable, and it’s a close, friendly community of strong, supportive women (though I also love that they allow men, unlike some other pole studios!) The structure of their classes puts safety/injury prevention at the forefront of priorities, which is very important to me. Even though I’m already a yoga teacher, I’ve learned so much more about anatomy just from my classes. I recommend Body & Pole to everyone :)” – Caitlin

“Body & Pole is my home away from home. Body & Pole represents much more than just a pole studio. Take classes here and you’ll gain confidence, body awareness, make some of the best friends you’ll ever have, relieve stress, become stronger, fitter, more flexible, etc. The studio owners, Lian and Kyra, care about each student. They have created an amazing place. They offer the best classes and the best instructors. Most of the instructors perform and compete in aerial arts all around the world. If you want to have a good time and learn from the best, come here. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level is or if you just want to come casually once a week or if you are preparing to compete, Body & Pole has you covered. The best in the world come here to train and students ranging in all abilities come and learn. It is a very supportive environment. I can’t imagine my life with Body & Pole in it.” – MSG

“My B&P experience was so great! Training with all these aknowledged and accomplished instructors was incredible! I stood in awe just watching them show us a new combo or move!….Due attention is paid to a thorough warm-up session that prepares your body for this demanding sport!…This is so important and many studios tend to forget that I think! The training level at B&P is really high, the class schedule caters for all needs and styles and the fact that you learn from the best -all in just one place- is so awesome! Being taught by instructors with a dancing background makes a great difference for sure!! I wish I d live closer so as to be able to visit B&P often!!” – Maria A.

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