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The location was easy to get to and beautiful. The teacher was clear and patient. That’s the most stretching I’ve done all year.  – Courtney House

The instructors at Body and Pole are incredible. I have been to quite a few pole dancing studios in NYC. Body and Pole has amazing instructors with great accomplishments and they all do not have an ego about it. Marlo is so outstanding on levels; without saying a word, she inspires…just watch her. She’s breath-taking and the minute you see her you can’t help but want to do what she does. Her moves are challanging and even at a beginner level, she can make you look like a pro. I strongly suggest taking her classes. Michelle is so elegant and slinky that it makes all the moves/tricks look so easy. Class with her will make you lift your shirt in hopes that you have the muscles she does (because after all the excercise, you’ll feel like you should). So Graceful.Lian is a great business person. She has accomplished a lot in a short time. *****The best part of the studio is what everyone REALLY wants….great instructors, longer classes for less. This is one of the more inexpensive studios w long classes and Amazing instructors.***** MY #1 CHOICE IN NEW YORK POLE DANCING STUDIOS – lo

As an S Factor student who wanted to advance more in pole work, I literally stumbled upon Body & Pole earlier this year during an internet search for pole studios in NYC. I emailed Lian asking a million questions and she responded within minutes. (Now I do that to her routinely and she still responds within minutes). Honestly, that is what first attracted me to her studio. Lian is a warm and welcoming teacher with plenty of patience. I’ve never gotten a hello without a hug. And I’ve never asked a question she can’t answer. She is a genuine friend that makes her students feel at home, which to me is very important especially if you are showing up to a “pole” class completely clueless. I’ve learned a lot in just the few classes I’ve taken with Lian and she’s taught me important basics and proper form that I didn’t have, which has now enabled me to do things I never thought I’d be doing. I’ve not only developed strength and control, but also faith and confidence in myself, something I was lacking when I first came here. I’ve only taken pole classes with Lian and Michelle, and flex classes with Olga and Isaac. All of these instructors are wonderful and helpful and make me feel comfortable in their classes. Each time I leave the studio I can cheerfully say I’ve learned something new or accomplished something I’ve been working on, whether it is a pole trick or being able to straddle my legs and touch my nose to the ground! Be prepared to learn a lot and to not give up on yourself. You will find some of the most amazing teachers here and I wish I didn’t have a day job so I can take classes all day…. (Seriously not kidding)! Thank you Lian and Body & Pole for giving me a new appreciation for pole dancing and for myself! See you soon 🙂 – Michelle xo

Hands down the best staff of instructors in NY ! and also the most welcoming of studios — even as a newcomer i was welcomed by regular students and made to feel that yes, i belonged there. no reason to go elsewhere for class !! – Judy

“I discovered B&P when I took a couple of workshops at their first location. I loved Lian immediately and had such a great time but the location wasn’t easy for me to get to (I live on Long Island). But when they moved to the current spot and I discovered it was just a quick walk from Penn Station, I decided to try one of their regular class offerings. I began with a class taught by instructor Roland Brown called Pole Power & Conditioning. I was his very first registered student and enticed a friend to join in. The class is not focused on dance or movement as much as building the strength to be able to do the more difficult tricks as well as learning and practicing them. I really loved this class and his energy and love of pole fitness was contagious. Because of Roland and even the astute assistance of some of the other students that have since joined, I have really come a long way in my mastery of pole tricks. As I am 50 years old, I listen to my body and honor my energy to proceed at a pace that feels safe and Roland is very caring in treating each student as an individual and honoring that in his teaching as well. He is also so wonderful at breaking down the tricks through his explanation to help the student so each builds the foundation to “get” the trick and continue working towards fully achieving the trick. I highly recommend this class to anyone that is interesting in building the strength needed to master the difficult pole tricks. I also discovered a class taught by Isaac Pena called Flexibility Training. Once again, I found that B&P had enticed yet another top-notch instructor to their roster of teachers. I have never in my life been able to do the forward splits fully to the ground – not even close. I had some better flexibility in other ways but that is what is so amazing in this class – there are so many levels of flexibility within the class and within each person and yet the class benefits every single person. I have a doctorate in the Psychology of Human Performance which means that I do know how to use psychological approaches to enhance my learning and push myself but because of my age, again 50, I had no idea that I could increase my flexibility as much as I have already. Truly amazing. Oh yes, and by-the-way, I am very, very close to having that forward split with either leg forward. I do work hard and stretch on my own as well. No matter what skill you are trying to learn – it is important to put the time in outside of class as well. I do have to say, however, that without Isaac’s guidance and expert instruction – I would not have really known what to do to be able to work on this on my own without, perhaps, causing injury. To anyone that wants to improve flexibility, give this a try, the pole tricks are so much prettier with nice flexibility but, in general, you just feel better in your body as well. Recently, I have begun taking another class taught by Marlo Fisken who is, of course, one of the most amazing pole performers you could find as she has the triple threat of tricks, musicality and flexibility. It is called Pole Groove. The first part is just a whole lot of fun and you get to work up a really good sweat too – nice little cardio boost – and it focuses on movement and dance that is primarily like hip-hop dancing and some outrageous booty-popping. Get ready to work hard but realize that you have a smile on your face the whole time. The second part is a combination of movement and tricks and helps the student to learn flow and fluidity in combining dance and tricks. For me personally, I don’t enjoy just watching one trick after another – just like it is the space between notes that create music it is the dance between the tricks that make it beautiful and the full expression of the body – with emotion and depth. Bring sneakers (I recommend dance sneakers that are not worn in the street but only to class – helps you move more easily but is also good for studio hygiene) and comfortable clothing for the first half and some typical teeny-tiny clothing for the second half so the body can stick to the pole. Again, I recommend this class to anyone at any level. Finally, Lian and Kyra are just lovely people and truly love the artistry and athleticism of pole dance.” – Maria

“I took my first class at Body and Pole a few days ago. My instructor was Rebecca Star and she was all around AMAZING!! I have taken a pole class before as well as other fitness classes but none of them could compare with the amazing instruction I received from RS. She broke things down to where each and every person in the class could understand it at their level. The best part about her is when you did something wrong she didn’t make you feel crazy, stupid or insecure about it. A lot of us in this class were beginners and I knew I wasn’t the only one that, in the beginning felt insecure about it. By the end of the class I left feeling exhausted, accomplished, secure about my body and I had a HUGE smile on my face. From my understanding Rebecca Star was just subbing this week but I must say her instruction made me take her class again last night as well as purchase a series of classes with this studio. I strongly encourage anyone interested in Pole dancing to join this studio and hopefully you will have the same first time experience I have.” – Solielle

“There is no question about it, Body and Pole is by far THE best pole fitness studio in NYC. I discovered this gem last summer and my only regret is that I did not find them sooner. The space is beautiful, the staff and students are always friendly & supportive, and the instructors are top notch. Whether someone is brand new to pole or very advanced, the teachers at Body and Pole make sure each student feels both encouraged and challenged in every class. I have spent several years taking pole classes at a local studio and although I may have built some strength and a decent foundation, I have learned more from Kyra Johannesen at B&P in the last six months than I had in all the time I was in class before elsewhere. Thank you, Kyra!” – Michelle

“Body & Pole is really one of the best pole dancing studios in NYC. The space is gorgeous, clean and beautifully lit. It is also located in a well managed business building which is def.a plus in this city. The teachers are AMAZING! Lian is patient and clear in her teaching, and her dancing is simply breathtaking. Kyra is the funniest thing with powerful sexy moves. Roland who teaches conditioning classes is also incredibly talented. I am a beginner student who stumbled into his class where most students were advanced dancers. He spent so much time and attention helping me learn what is appropriate for me, that I didn’t feel left behind or silly. Though every studio has its own approach, B&P offers a great balance between dance and tricks. The teachers challenge you to try new spins/tricks without compromising your safety. I LOVE B&P! Oh, and the price package is fantastic.” – Jenn

“I first came across Body and Pole about a year ago and will be a forever student with this studio. Reason being? Best customer service(Lian will do her best to address all questions and concerns), top notch instructors and warm welcoming. Body & Pole has not only made me feel at home, but also provided me with a place to go to escape the worries of every day stresses and focus on something I love. The comradely and support I have experienced at Body & Pole is like no other that I have experienced. Lauren and Kyra helped me excel so much with pole, go beyond my own expectations and I cannot express how much that means to me. Olga helped me with my flexibility. I’ve never been this bendy in my life! They are so positive and encouraging but most importantly make me feel comfortable in their classes. I cannot thank you guys enough for doing what you do. Please keep this up and cheers to many more years.” – Joyce

“I travel from Texas monthly to take class at Body & Pole. I’ve been to several studios across the country (at least 15 in various cities, including others in NYC) and Body & Pole surpasses them all. The key difference is their commitment to proper technique and safety! Other quality aspects include that they are organized, accommodating to the consumer, highly skilled and talented instructors, and have lesson plans/curriculums that nicely and neatly integrate all elements of pole dancing (flexibility, strength, dance, floor, climbing, tricks, etc….). My attendance at B & P has improved my skills and enhanced my role as a pole instructor in Texas. Also, the studio’s staff and leadership create and maintain a culture for learning, having fun and connecting with others who share passion for pole dancing without any punitive, restrictive or exploitive deceit. Simply a Superb Studio!” – Karen

“I returned home a few days ago from my week of Traincation and am still spinning and reeling from the experience! It was my third time visiting and my experience only gets better! Every instructor is knowledgeable, attentive, patient, with each of them approaches their art with their own uniqueness and diversity, making the student experience well-rounded with opportunity for continued growth. The instructors’ passion for their work is contagious – I felt like I could do another 40 hours of pole for a second week in a row! The teachers and students were nothing but respectful and supportive when anyone fell short of being able to achieve something in class, as well as being the biggest cheerleaders for when anyone accomplished something. The class schedule has so many options, and with such world-class teachers, you really can’t go wrong with any of them! I immediately felt at home at B&P and look forward to returning for training in the future! Thank you for the incredible week!” – Justine

“Just came out of B&P’s new Liquid Motion class for the first time. It was amazing and made me feel really confident in my floor work. I thought we’d be using a lot of the pole but we didn’t. I was happy we didn’t because I’ve been concentrating on aerial hoop and silks. I expect to take what I learn from the Liquid Motion class to help me better freestyle on the hoop and silks.” – Adrienne

“I started taking Level 1 Fabric classes with Alexandra last year and loved it! She has a very impressive background with Cirque du Soleil and teaches important technique that I need to grow as a dancer. I really like that she cares more about the quality of a move rather than the quantity of moves you can perform. I wish she taught Level 1 Fabric again and had more classes scheduled during the week! <3” - Adrienne

“I love always feeling challenged at BP and the constant communication I get – no matter how far away I am or how long it’s been since I visited, I feel like I’m always welcome back.” – Tiffany

“Thanks very much to Alex! I took her intro to fabrics class today and she was very encouraging, positive and supportive- it was challenging and I was pleased with what I was able to do at the end of the class:) it was so much fun! Thanks again to Alex for the time and attention <3 <3 Katie” - Katie

“I have been taking the aerial hoop intro class. I love the teachers Airin Dalton and Alex Apjarova. They are both great examples and instructors. They are attentive and helpful. I tried Level 1 with Autumn Burnette. There is no doubt that she is beautiful on the hoop and great at what she does. However, as a first-timer entering level one, I was frustrated in the class. I asked her to help me multiple times through the moves, and then she would leave me. I was uncomfortable b/c I would get stuck in positions that I needed help with and feeling safe while doing the hoop is a priority. Her class seems better for those who are advanced at level one and can do the moves on their own, like the other girls in the class. I told the woman at the front desk, and she recommend Stella for an instructor as I segue into level one. I will probably stick with intro b/c I like the teachers and feel more comfortable at that level for now, after feeling frustrated trying to move onto level 1. I like to get the most activity out of a class and my money’s worth, and I definitely can do more in the intro class and not feel helpless at accomplishing moves and progressing. Alex is great and gives great pointers for mind/body connection for the moves. I highly recommend Airin and Alex’s classes.” – Michelle

“Our bachelorette party pole dancing class was terrific! What a fun, nerve-racking, liberating experience! Perfect for group of gals looking to let loose and try something out of the ordinary! Definitely, definitely recommend.Our instructor was fantastic!” – Rae

“I just took a virgins class with Alexandra for silks and thought it was awesome! She teaches small details that really helped me nail down the fundamentals of silks so that I could survive a beginner’s class. Wished she taught more virgin silk classes!” – Adrienne

“I never take the time to write a review but after a great time here, I decided I should. I booked a private Aerial Hoop party for a ladies night at this location, and I must say my friends and I had an amazing time. When you enter, the staff at the front desk was kind. We were given Autumn as an instructor, and I am proud to say we would not change a thing about this experience with her! Our time there with her was Fantastic! She was so friendly, fun, and definitely entertained us with her attitude, dancing and flexibility. She had a lot of heart to willing to help spot each of us onto that hoop. She was so encouraging and supportive, because many of us where hesitant and afraid about getting on the hoop and being able to successfully complete the trick without falling. We would love to come back and have another class with her. You ROCK Autumn B.!!!!” – Faranda C.

“I felt doubly welcome in my first Pole Virgins class–as a visitor from California, and as a man (men aren’t allowed in pole-dance classes where I live, so this was my first experience). Awesome warm-up, great moves and pacing for beginners, the most clear and individually helpful instructor (Maritza) I could imagine; even the other students were helpful and friendly. I only had time for one “playtime” class the next morning, which reaffirmed my first experience: Body and Pole is a great place to share the energy of a really fun sport. Thanks!” – Bill

“Flew in from Chicago to take some classes and run a race in NY – and wow! The classes and instructors at Body & Pole are phenomenal. I only took 2 classes on the day I was there – and I was blown away. The instructors are amazing, down to earth and at the top of their game. The students (I took a level 3/4) were EXTREMELY supportive, too – even if I was someone from out of town and didn’t know. They would shout out encouragement which just made me want to book more pole time there. 🙂 Lastly – I just want to say – that Kyra’s Pole Power may have been the best pole class I have ever taken. I loved the circuit pole training – so up my alley. And Steven’s 3/4 was spectacular. His movement is just sick. Beautiful. Thanks B&P. I plan to come back soon. ” – Patti Z.

“Body & Pole is my home and instructors and students are my family! I truly believe that it is the best studio in the world. The great experience starts when you enter the studio. It is very spacious, with a large reception and changing area and 3(!!!) rooms for classes. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you to get the best experience possible. Instructors are extremely talented, many of them are known all over the world!!!!! Except for the regular teachers (btw I have no words to express how happy I am to have them as “regular” teachers 🙂 it is common to meet pole stars from all over the world! They all come to B&P, they teach and take classes here. The studio is awesome! I love Body & Pole!” – Natasha

“Body & Pole is my home away from home. Body & Pole represents much more than just a pole studio. Take classes here and you’ll gain confidence, body awareness, make some of the best friends you’ll ever have, relieve stress, become stronger, fitter, more flexible, etc. The studio owners, Lian and Kyra, care about each student. They have created an amazing place. They offer the best classes and the best instructors. Most of the instructors perform and compete in aerial arts all around the world. If you want to have a good time and learn from the best, come here. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level is or if you just want to come casually once a week or if you are preparing to compete, Body & Pole has you covered. The best in the world come here to train and students ranging in all abilities come and learn. It is a very supportive environment. I can’t imagine my life with Body & Pole in it.” – MSG

“My B&P experience was so great! Training with all these aknowledged and accomplished instructors was incredible! I stood in awe just watching them show us a new combo or move!….Due attention is paid to a thorough warm-up session that prepares your body for this demanding sport!…This is so important and many studios tend to forget that I think! The training level at B&P is really high, the class schedule caters for all needs and styles and the fact that you learn from the best -all in just one place- is so awesome! Being taught by instructors with a dancing background makes a great difference for sure!! I wish I d live closer so as to be able to visit B&P often!!” – Maria A.