The B&P Blog is featuring one of our favorite cross-training classes this week…. Ring Thing®! We spoke with Ring Thing® instructor Kat Kitfield, who gave us the low-down on what to expect from this aerial experience.

Kat works with Power Monkey Fitness, which brings fitness education from the world’s experts and makes it accessible to everyone – regardless of background or ability level. She also trains and performs aerial – and loves the journey of getting stronger as well as the flow of creative movement energy.

“Ring Thing® is a class to help anyone build strength, stability, and range of motion – from the advanced athlete to the person working to get their first pull-up. Don’t wait to come to class – if you’ve just started with pole and aerial, then this is a great class for you! I wish I had the Ring Thing when I first started training aerial. It would have accelerated my progress building upper body and core strength, and helped me master my inversions and pull-overs that much faster…I couldn’t even do 1 pull-up when I first started aerial! If you’ve been training aerial for awhile, come to class to clean up your inversions, develop endurance, and try some new movements that will challenge your body!

The Ring Thing® uses a pulley system to reduce body weight by half – 50% – making it easier to accomplish ring skills with proper technique. We cover pull-ups, straight arm inversions, dips, muscle-ups, front/back lever, planche, and even something like a forward roll. You’ll feel safe, strong, and empowered, and there’s just something really fun about flipping around on a pair of rings. This is also the perfect class to bring a friend to because you get to work drills together, spot each other, etc. I love when people bring their boyfriend, girlfriend, housemate, or partner to class- conditioning is more fun when you’re working alongside a friend!

I use the Ring Thing® to compliment my training as an aerialist, but anyone can benefit from learning these skills and progressions…. whether you are a CrossFitter, rock climber, aerial/pole student, or general fitness enthusiast! This isn’t a workout where you’re coming to get punished. It’s one where you’re invited to have an open mind and challenge your body in unfamiliar territory. The Ring Thing® has been an empowering class to teach because it shows people their own strength—and helps them develop the confidence to accomplish things they never imagined were possible! I look forward to seeing you in class!”