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Everyone’s favorite part of the year is here! That’s right, it’s Halloween and you know what that means- Body & Pole’s Annual Halloween party six years running! Per usual, we have three floors of scintillating live aerial performances, from your instructors and classmates, live DJs, free drinks, and incredible surprises! We also have our 2nd […]

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Ready to kick up your training this fall? Sadly, with Summer is behind us, we must get back to working out inside. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There are lots of new and exciting opportunities to make this transition an easy one! Firstly, huge news, monthly memberships are now available! For those of […]

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This month we did a special playlist, one of a celestial sorts. This month, with it’s two eclipses, is all about experiencing (and appreciating) the light by going THROUGH the darkness. Eclipses sweep in and overturn anything outmoded, stagnant, or not quite a fit. So we created a playlist to help you with just that! […]

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With the first ever Body & Pole retreat quickly approaching here are just four (of many!) reasons why investing in a weekend retreat is totally worth the money. Check out this walk-through video of the incredible space where you will be taking all of your classes with Kyra Johannesen & Brenna Bradbury! 1. You’ll relax […]

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We felt so inspired while watching the Olympics that we just had to make our own version! But don’t worry, the B&P Olympics will not be played this way (but, it is equally exciting!)! Of course, Olympic athletes have been training for their entire lives for this moment, but we can all be Olympic athletes […]

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Inspired by the Olympics, I decided to do some research about the most Olympic-y looking piece of equipment at the studio, The Ring Thing. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one! The Ring Thing was created by national champion David Durante (who was also an alternate on the US team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics) and […]

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