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January is here! The beginning of another year, full of promise, intentions, and busy classes around the studio! Every year seems to start with the same enthusiasm, but as February looms on the horizon, focus can fade, winter blues kick in, and our best laid plans begin to dissolve. How can you keep your energy […]

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Here is another installment of our monthly playlist to incite some new and exciting movement! With Indigenous People’s day just a few days ago (Thanksgiving) AND with the brutal treatment of the water protectors currently in North Dakota, we decided to create a playlist that highlights the music of indigenous people worldwide! From this country, […]

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So, I just took part in my first pole competition! I competed in Polesque, one of the more artistic pole competitions in the industry. I have never been interested in competing and thought I never would. However, I know that without a clear goal to work towards it’s easy for me to become stagnant in […]

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I finally got the chance to chat with Magnus Labbe, B&P’s first Artist In Residence to get the scoop on his inspiration and teaching styles! Read below to find out more! A: What’s your inspiration? What do you try and convey when you perform? M: I’ve been pole dancing for five years and have been […]

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Everyone’s favorite part of the year is here! That’s right, it’s Halloween and you know what that means- Body & Pole’s Annual Halloween party six years running! Per usual, we have three floors of scintillating live aerial performances, from your instructors and classmates, live DJs, free drinks, and incredible surprises! We also have our 2nd […]

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Ready to kick up your training this fall? Sadly, with Summer is behind us, we must get back to working out inside. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There are lots of new and exciting opportunities to make this transition an easy one! Firstly, huge news, monthly memberships are now available! For those of […]

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