We are thrilled to welcome aerialist Agustin Baccega to Body & Pole this month, with silks and hoops classes on the schedule! Born in Argentina, and currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, Agustin brings a fun, circus-inspired approach to aerial dance with classes like Acrobatic & Dynamic Movements, Spinny Shapes and Drops. Take class with Agustin starting Friday, April 21 through Friday, May 5.


What is your dance background?

I have done Latin dance for 10 years at the small town I used to live in back home in Argentina. I have skills on Salsa and bachata dancing, and a little cha cha cha. Also, I was a figure skater when a was a kid till my early adult years

How long have you been an aerialist? How did you discover aerial dance? 

I discovered aerial when I saw Cirque du Soleil for the first time and I promised myself that I would fly as high as they were.I started doing aerial when figure skating was not an option anymore and I found a new love in 2014 and haven’t stopped since.

What are some championships/shows you’ve participated in? 

The first competitions I participated in were in Argentina, regionally and nationally, getting 2nd place in most of them. In the USA I participated in Aerialympics and Viva fest in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Also I’ve been involved in several productions in Phoenix, AZ individually and with my partner Gustavo with our Duo spanset act.

How did you connect with Body & Pole? 

We learned about Body and Pole through Sammy Wong, who we met in Argentina Pole championship in 2019. We planned to visit the studio if we ever could make it to NYC, which we eventually did, and we took some classes in December 2022.

What are you most excited to teach at Body & Pole? 

I am very excited to spread the dynamic fever to the aerial community in NYC.

How would describe your teaching style? 

My teaching style is based in confidence and support towards the person in front of me. Helping everyone to fulfill their goals and put their fears behind. Encourage all the reach their full potential by progressions.

What are you up to now?

Now I’m getting ready to start the second season of our teacher training in Phoenix during May and June and a production in May also in Phoenix.


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