In honor of February Heat Week, we’ve got an extra HOT Nite Club planned at Body & Pole with Artist in Residence AqvaDiva! AcqaDiva brings their unique dance and club background for an extra sensual (but still technical!) classroom experience.

About Nite Club

Nite Club at Body & Pole began in late 2022 and is a chance to explore a different side of pole and aerial dance, paying homage to pole dance’s club roots with a more sensual, expressive feel — these aren’t your typical Body & Pole classes! Every Thursday and Saturday night, we flip the switch — the lights go down, the shirts come off, and we give you permission to leave your inhibitions at the door!

What is your dance background, and what made you fall in love with it? 

I fell in love with dance from a young age. I grew up listening to Cuban music and learned salsa at the age of four. I started teaching Salsa in high school, then moved to Cuba when I was 17 to study at the Escuela Nacional de Danza. I trained in Ballet, Contemporary, Afro-Cuban, and Jazz.

How did you discover pole dance and stripping?

I got hired as a dance instructor at a pole studio and started teaching myself how to pole dance. Eventually, I realized I could make more money stripping than doing pole gigs and I ended up loving it!

What aspect of your performance do you think people are drawn to most? 

I like to think of myself as a “Showgirl”. I seduce people, I hold eye contact, I play with my sensuality and I’m flirty on stage.

What gets you excited to get on stage? 

Playing, seducing, showing off my skills, making people laugh, making people a little uncomfortable sometimes, bringing people joy.

What inspired you to start teaching? 

I always loved teaching. It brings me joy to see my students progress and let them forget about their everyday struggles for the duration of class. I love seeing people grow more confident in their body through movement.

How does your experience in the club inspire your teaching style? 

I like to teach students how to perform. Contrary to the saying, “dance like nobody’s watching”, I teach them to dance like everybody’s watching!

What are you most excited about teaching Nite Club at Body & Pole? 

I’m excited to combine sensuality and sexiness with technical skills!

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