Meet our February 2024 Teacher Feature: Pole instructor (and Programming Director) Armando Gonzalez and Aerial Instructor Eliana Wenick. If you haven’t taken class with them yet, we hope you get to know them a little better through our “Upside Down Challenge” and if you’ve already taken their classes, maybe you’ll learn something new! Best of all, enjoy classes with Armando and Eliana for $25 throughout the month of February!


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**PLEASE NOTE: instructor discount codes are only valid for classes with Armando and Eliana. Using the codes for any other instructor will result in early cancellation or a $45 single class purchase. No exceptions. 


  1. How have you prepared for your upcoming performance at House of Yes? Oh, so definitely watching [“Showgirls”], tapping into all the experiences, past experiences, and showing up to practice.
  2. How were you introduced to Body & Pole? By my first pole teacher back in 2013.
  3. How long have you been teaching at Body & Pole? Since 2016
  4. What’s your favorite part about student showcase coaching? Helping friends feel comfortable realizing their full story and changing stress for excitement when it’s time to perform.

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  1. Welcome back to Body & Pole, what have you been up to?I was performing on a cruise ship for almost a year and a half.
  2. How does your performing inspire your teaching? I definitely prioritize safety. I want to make sure that everyone feels good, feels beautiful, and strong and safe.
  3. What are you most excited to teach your aerial students this year? I’m actually excited to be teaching some silks. I have not been teaching very much of it. I’m excited for the challenge of doing something a little bit unlike the other two.
  4. You’re really great in every apparatus but which one’s your favorite to play in? Here at the studio? Definitely the hoop.

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