Estefania is back at Body & Pole this month, with FloorWERK and Heels classes! Estefania brings her signature Old School pole approach and love of FloorWERK to the studio. Don’t miss out on the chance to train with her before she jets off to her next destination!

What is your dance background?

I was doing figure skating and ballet for a couple of years right before I found pole. Pole dance helped me improve my lines and flexibility.

How long have you been pole dancing?

I’ve been pole dancing for 10 years now!

How did you connect with Body & Pole? 

When I announced my first time teaching in New York a few years ago, my friend Patricia, who is now Body & Pole’s General Manager, reached out to me to teach there. I ended up spending more time in New York that year and I had the chance to teach more and connect more with everyone. I’m looking forward to coming back!

How would you define your Old School pole teaching style? 

I would describe this style as something very inspired by the roots of the pole dance: the proper stripper style, sultry movements, orbits around the pole, static spins, including the first or classic movements to become iconic in the industry.

Tell us a little bit about your approach to FloorWERK: 

I love FloorWERK! I feel that sometimes we get distracted with things around the pole and we don’t pay so much attention to the floor. This is why I really enjoy rolling with my students on the floor with a killer song!

What are you up to now?

I’m touring around the world teaching. I was recently a judge in Exotic Generation Mexico, which brought me so much happiness: since I’m traveling quite a lot, being able to see all the talent from my country made me feel closer to my Mexican community.

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