For our second month in a row, we’re thrilled to open up our studio to a new Nite Club Artist in Residence — Polina Zueva. Polina brings her exotic background to Body & Pole for an XXXtra spicy Nite Club experience! Get to know a bit more about Polina below and make sure to book your classes — Thursday and Saturday nights in March.

About Nite Club:

Nite Club at Body & Pole began in late 2022 and is a chance to explore a different side of pole and aerial dance, paying homage to pole dance’s club roots with a more sensual, expressive feel — these aren’t your typical Body & Pole classes! Every Thursday and Saturday night, we flip the switch — the lights go down, the shirts come off, and we give you permission to leave your inhibitions at the door!

What is your dance background, and what made you fall in love with it? 

I was dancing as a kid, but unfortunately I had to quit due to some family issues. When I was 27, I left my country — I started traveling and I NEEDED to try something new. When I tried pole dance, it immediately became my obsession. It combined dance and acrobatics (my two dreams). I never believed it was possible to pole dance without any background, but with my first results, I started to believe in myself and started practicing very hard everyday! Sometimes I trained for 8 hours a day.

How did you get into exotic pole? 

When i was in China, I was looking for some dance classes and I found a Russian instructor who was from the same city as me. She was soooo gorgeous, I was instantly motivated! I was doing pole sport for a year, but I thought exotic pole would be too hard for me (though I always admired exotic dancers). However, once I tried it, it felt so natural. Hard for sure, but natural and feminine. I felt I could express myself a lot through exotic pole dance.

What aspect of your performance do you think people are drawn to most? 

Fluidity and expressiveness (that’s what people say 😊)

What gets you excited to get on stage? 

Every time I’m on stage, I feel like I live a whole new life — short, but full of unforgettable moments. I need these emotions like an addict (but I believe it’s the healthiest and most beautiful addiction .😅)

What inspired you to start teaching? 

I was practicing pole dance for a year, when our teacher left (she moved to another country), and the girls who practice with me said, ‘You are the best of us, would you teach us?’. I was also inspired by my teacher and wanted to be good enough. I started learning a lot and got certified. Now, I am inspired by my students — seeing their great results and how happy they are!

How does your experience in the club inspire your teaching style? 

I got a lot of experience, especially when it came to improving my artistic skills and freedom of self-expression, and I think it affected my teaching style a lot!

What are you most excited to bring to Nite Club at Body & Pole? 

I am VERY excited!! It’s going to be an intimate atmosphere, where we are all going to be beautiful performers and an admiring audience at the same time! We are going to express and enjoy ourselves in exotic dance! I hope we will get precious discoveries about ourselves!.

Take class with Polina — book your spots here!