Yes, it’s 2022 and COVID is still here. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold. Since our re-opening in 2020 (after 6 months of shutdown), we’ve invested a lot of time, thought and money into ensuring a safe flight at Body & Pole. “Our goal at Body & Pole is to have everyone who joins us take a break from the stress of the outside world. Knowing you are in a safe, healthy, supportive space where you can get lost in class can have you feeling empowered and motivated to take on the rest of your day” – Body & Pole CEO Kyra Johannesen 

In addition to compliance with the Key to NYC, which requires proof of full vaccination for public indoor activities including dance studios, here are 10 reasons you can feel safe flying at Body & Pole in the age of COVID: 

  1. Built-in Distancing: One of the best things about pole and aerial dance is that we have built-in social distancing – due to the nature of the activity, you will never be in close contact with another student (unless, of course, you choose to be!). We also provide individual safety mats which are sanitized after each use.
  2. Regular Equipment Cleaning: We wipe down each apparatus with alcohol after every single class so you can be sure your equipment is safely ready for your use. 
  3. Deep Cleans: We perform two deep cleans every single day everything from floors to faucets – each morning and afternoon. In addition, bathrooms are cleaned regularly at 2 hour intervals. 
  4. Capacity is Limited: Unlike a gym, where you never know exactly how many people you might come into contact with, there will never be more than 14 people in a class. 
  5. Room to Spread Out! Spread your wings and soar in our 2500 sq ft classrooms with 10-15 ft high ceilings. No brushing elbows here!
  6. Breathe Freely: Our hospital-grade air purifiers are located throughout the studio to ensure continual air purification.
  7. Safe Spotting: Our team pioneered a first-in-class safe spotting technique for aerial dance, to ensure social distancing without losing the necessary safety measures to support students in the air.
  8. A Fresh Approach: We have completely re-thought our space with social distancing and safety in mind. This includes a socially-distant check-in system, hand-washing stations throughout the space and antimicrobial studio door knobs, to name a few. 
  9. New Scheduling System: Our schedule of 180 classes per week has been meticulously planned with staggered classes to reduce crowding and keep studio capacity at a minimum. 
  10. Masks are Mandatory: Last but not least, if you want to dance, you must wear a mask (yes, this applies to space rentals, too!). ‘Nuff said.

Come soar with us! For further details on our COVID policies, please visit here