One of our newer projects has been to bring the Body & Pole experience to YOU! We understand that traveling for a Traincation can be expensive, so B&P On Tour transports two instructors to local studios for a weekend of intense workshops. Our most recent event took place at Diva Den Studios in Portland, with B&P Instructors Tracee Kafer and Michelle Stanek. We spoke with attendee, (and former B&P instructor!) Liz Epp about her experience during the weekend.

Hi Liz, thanks for taking the time to talk with us! What made you want to sign up for the B&P On Tour event at Diva Den studios?

There was no question that I had to attend this event. The quality of classes and instructors at B&P is unparalleled and I felt we were extremely lucky to have such high caliber instructors like Michelle Stanek and Tracee Kafer in our studio for the weekend.

What were some of the highlights of your time over the weekend?

The highlights were simply being able to learn from two fabulous instructors! Each class was special. Michelle Stanek is an incredible teacher; from her gentle, flowy warm-ups, breakdown of movement and quality of content, to the light and fun atmosphere she creates. She is a world class athlete but humble and down to earth which makes everyone feel at ease.

Tracee Kafter has a way of creating a unique, freeing experience in all of her classes. My favorite moment of the weekend was her Finding Your Freestyle class. The class is something out of my regular training regimen and comfort zone but I felt open and comfortable. I feel that the vibe created in the room was special and I left feeling more connected to my own emotions while also more bonded with my peers.

What was one of the most challenging aspects of the intensive?

It was called an intensive for good reason. It was a lot of classes! Although the classes had a nice balance of strength and flow, I felt the most challenging thing was limiting myself from over doing it on my body. I wanted to “get” everything and sometimes you have to just write it down or video it so you can train it on your own time, rather than give into the desire to do something over and over again. With any intensive experience you have to have self control and pace yourself.

Did the classes feel similar to taking class at B&P? Were there things that were different?

The classes felt 100% like B&P classes. Structured, safe, great content., and fabulous instructors!

Would you like to participate in a B&P On Tour event again in the future?

Absolutely. Lara Michaels and Sam Doblick, when are you coming? 🙂

To learn more about B&P On Tour, or to sign up for one of the B&P On Tour Europe events this September and October with Sam Star and Lara Michaels, click here.
Want to see what Liz learned during the weekend? Check out her Instagram, @lizeppfitness