Meet Body & Pole instructor, choreographer, artist and aerialist Elena Delgado! An OG member of B&P (it’s been so long, even we can’t remember when she officially started!) she’s coaching Solo Aerial in our Spring Student Showcase Series (Showcase is March 21). As an artist herself, she loves helping her students unlock their creativity with an especially positive, fun and engaging approach. More about Elena below and you can catch her hosting Let Them Eat Cake this Thursday night!


Where are you from originally?

Santa Cruz, CA

What is your dance background and how did you discover it? 

I don’t really think of myself as having a dance background, more of a theater movement background! And art background. I did however bust out a few mean jazz squares in my high school production of Grease.

How did you discover aerial dance? 

When I moved to NY in 2006, I only knew one person and she was into aerial so I went to a few classes with her and then I got addicted! As a child and teen, I was definitely an “indoor” kid, way more in my mind than in my body, and I’d never felt like I had permission to use my body in an artistic and goal-oriented way before circus. So I loved it. I try to give that same feeling of permission to my intro students.

What are some of your accomplishments or favorite shows/performances that you’d participated in? 

Everything I’ve done teaches me something, but I’m pretty proud of my last production, Pale Imitations. It was the most comfortable I’ve been with my process to date.

What is something you’re most proud of as an aerialist?

I’m proud that I’m still doing it, even after all the self-doubt and setbacks. I’m still training and trying to get better everyday.

What is your favorite move?

I love spinning!

How do you stay motivated?

I don’t!!! You can’t always be motivated and that’s okay, it’s okay to feel terrible and discouraged, as long as you stay open to motivation when it comes, and work hard when you can, you will still move forward.

What are some of your favorite artists to play in class? 

Prince, Janet Jackson, Lizzo and Anderson

How long have you been teaching at BP?

FOREVER! Since 2012 I think.

What is your teaching style, or how would you describe your classes?

I try to make it fun and I try to keep a good balance of challenge and accomplishment.

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

I love watching students surprise themselves with what they are able to do, and I love watching their hard work pay off.

If you had to pick a quote or motto to define your attitude, what would it be?

One performance, one trick, one day, doesn’t define you; we are all in process.

What is your most memorable Showcase performance?

I think my first silks group performance was my most memorable; that crew became best buds and they still hang out and go to brunch together! Brunch friends!


What is your Showcase coaching style for solos?

When it comes to coaching solos, I really want help people become the artist they want to be, so I try to really listen to the concept and then just help them realize it.

What are you most excited about for Showcase this year?

I’m super excited to work with new friends and see what they have in mind.