This article is contributed by Brooke Foorman, a recent Body & Pole Summer Camper who conducted her Why We Pole video series with campers and instructors at Body & Pole. We love it, so we want to share it!

“I began Why We Pole in 2014 because I had just began teaching pole in Lansing, and I found there was a pretty big stigma against pole dancing here. Not so much that people found pole dancing indecent or an unacceptable form of exercise, but that they seemed to share an overall feeling of un-attainability. I heard a lot of ‘I’m not strong enough,’ ‘I’m not sexy enough’ and ‘I could never do that!’ I was finding that there seemed to be this perspective that pole dance was reserved for a small and specific group of people, and I really wanted to express that anyone can enjoy the art of pole dance regardless of age, gender or shape. My experience in the community has introduced me to the most versatile group of people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, different styles, and different reasons for loving pole dance so much. I wanted to showcase that in an artistic and way that many could relate to, and so I set off to ask some of my sisters and brothers in the pole community to tell me why they pole.

The project began as something for the pole community, and for those thinking of joining the pole community. I think it has evolved a lot since then, and I hope it reaches as many people as possible, polers and non-polers alike. I’d really like for people to be inspired by the art of pole, and by the people that share such a strong love for it. I think that pole is gaining more and more attention and respect, and I’d like to be there to help share our stories and love for pole as that develops.

My most recent shoot was at Body & Pole in NYC and it was truly a pleasure. The studio space itself is so magical. As soon as I stepped inside off the busy streets of New York, I felt like I had entered into an entirely new world. An oasis of pole magic.

While I was there, I was lucky enough to collaborate with dancers who have inspired me for years. Marlo Fisken, Tracee Kafer, and Danielle Romano were literally a dream to work with both in class and for the Why We Pole series. Each of them were patient, insightful, and downright brilliant as teachers, and each of them gave inspiring and honest answers when asked why they pole. I am grateful for their willingness to really put themselves in the moment of their movement, and share a part of themselves with me. It’s always so humbling and exciting at the same time when I get to work with women and men I completely admire, as they are always so down to earth and simultaneously cooler than the cats pajamas. I can’t wait to make my way back to Body & Pole in the future.”

– Brooke

If anyone is interested in booking Why We Pole to come to your studio, contact Brooke at brookefoorman@gmail.com and be sure to check out the project at Why We Pole on Facebook.