Meet our December 2023 Teacher Feature: Pole instructor Rommel O’Choa and Aerial Instructor Olivia Tavolacci. If you haven’t taken class with them yet, we hope you get to know them a little better through our “Upside Down Challenge” and if you’ve already taken their classes, maybe you’ll learn something new! Best of all, enjoy classes with Rommel and Olivia for $25 throughout the month of December!

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  1. What’s your favorite pole move to teach? My favorite pole move to teach? Definitely I guess butterflies because a lot of the level two-ers discover this as their first moment to feel really strong in their inversion.
  2. What’s your most memorable moment teaching or performing? Oh my gosh there are so many. I guess embarrassing moments is what really is, I actually fell off a speaker into a band member in one of my performances before, so that was kind of memorable.
  3. What’s your best advice for new students? To just have fun with it, not to be intimidated. Take it as inspiration instead of something that makes you scared of it. Just explore. Be open minded.
  4. What do you want to accomplish in 2024 as an instructor at Body & Pole? I want to expand my student base and maybe have some of them doing things they never thought they possible could do before.

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  1. When did you start your aerial journey? I started when I was nine and in middle school
  2. What made you take the leap to becoming an instructor? I love seeing everyone’s successes when they learn a new trick and progress in whichever apparatus they are doing so I wanted to be a part of that journey.
  3. What’s a catchphrase or cue that always breaks the ice with your class? I say, “think like you are a cat vomiting”
  4. What do you want to accomplish in 2024 as one of our newest Body & Pole instructors? I want to accomplish making sure that people are safe on the aerial silks and hoop and that they have a lot of fun and progress in whatever their goals are for 2024!

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