One of the most unique classes we offer at Body & Pole is MELT Method. We get a lot of questions about the class, and what it is like, so we sat down with two MELT instructors, Alex Grime and Marisa Merliss to get the scoop on what happens in a MELT class.

Alex is a full time aerial instructor at Body & Pole, as well as an active performer who comes from a background in dance.

Marisa is a fitness and wellness professional with a background as a professional dancer, Pediatric RN and Fitness Model. Along with teaching MELT, bodyART, Pilates and barre in NYC, Marisa co-founded REVIVE Restorative Retreats with Becca Pace and hosts fitness and wellness retreats around the world.

“The most common question we get as MELT instructors is ‘What is MELT?’. To put it simply, the MELT Method is a self treatment technique to help students prevent injury, improve recovery time and alleviate pain. MELT was created by renowned cranial sacral and neuromuscular therapist Sue Hitzmann as homework for her patients to simulate her hands on bodywork.

Through a carefully coordinated series of movements on specially designed balls and a soft roller, MELT rehydrates the fascia, rebalances the nervous system, improves alignment, flexibility and muscle activation. In MELT classes at Body & Pole (where we know you’re probably feeling that crazy move you learned in class earlier in the week), we focus on hydrating fascia, helping students get out of pain, without causing pain. The results of MELT are both immediate and a progressive build. Students can feel these results during rest assessments before and after treatments, where they will sense how their body changes. It’s common to feel results even throughout one class, as the body responds quickly to fascial treatment. Our goal is to help students feel great as they continue their training.”

Alex and Marisa also spoke about their personal journeys to regain optimum function through MELT Method.

Alex – As a full time aerial instructor and performer I was initially attracted to MELT as a way to deal with being too sore to train. I have found MELT not only helps my body recover from intense training and performances faster, it also allows me to activate my muscles with more accuracy, increasing my flexibility and trust in my body when I’m in the air. After a long day of teaching or a crazy night performing a quick MELT treatment (I usually go for the feet or 5 minute facelift) is my secret to getting a good night sleep so I can be ready to go tomorrow.

Marisa – I suffered from chronic orthopedic issues throughout my dance career which became so debilitating I had to stop performing and even had a hard time walking. Since I started doing MELT, I’m back to being fully active and was able to get back to performing. My life is no longer interrupted by debilitating injuries because I’m able to address the root cause of stress or strain in my body as it comes us. It’s become my passion and career vision to teach dancers, aerialists, Broadway Performers and athletes to use the MELT Method to stay healthy, maximize their performance, and have a long sustainable career.

You can keep up with Marisa and Alex on IG @marisafit5678 & @danceralexandria

MELT classes are offered regularly at Body & Pole:
Tuesdays: 8:15-9:30pm
Fridays: 8:30-9:45pm
Saturdays: 1:30-2:45pm

To sign up visit our online schedule.

Interested in learning more about MELT? Visit:
www.meltmethod.com and www.marisamerliss.com/melt

You can also join Marisa on her next retreat and experience MELT abroad: