Body & Pole’s Second Annual Student Showcase is coming up next month! This year’s show will be even bigger and more professional than last years! And if we do say so ourselves, last year’s show was pretty snazzy. In fact, three people whose very first performance was in the last year’s show have grown exponentially as performers since then. It’s like performing in a B&P Student Showcase brings good luck!

Alex Grime, a B&P Aerial Hoop instructor, is now leading one of the choreography groups in this year’s showcase! Brigette Madera has since performed with AERA and at Schtick a Pole In It. And Aya just recently finished her first featured performance at Dixon Place’s HOT! Festival, a month long festival comprised of all artists in the LGBTQ community that was even featured in the New York Times. Of course, these people trained a lot but, they all also got their very first performance in a safe and loving enviroment. Ask any one of them and they will you that there’s no better way to ease yourself into performing then to perform for your peers who show support and love, which is exactly what the showcase offers!

This year will be even bigger and more professional then last year. There are so many ways to participate, from joining a group piece with a choreographer, working one-on-one with a coach or submitting your own piece. There will be 12 pieces in each of the 3 shows, with a diversity of skills, levels and styles. Participation in the show is open to all students and staff members of Body & Pole who have been active within the last 6 months. This is the perfect opportunity to learn all the important attributes of an entertaining and compelling performer.

The year’s theme is inspired by concepts of sin, from the physical, to mental, to famous stories from history and literature. We’re looking for every style, from sexy to funny to tragic to beautiful to powerful. Pieces could evoke the physical, mental, associated mythology, works of literature or film, or any other inspiration taken from the concept of “sin”.

The submission period is now until August 8th. Entrant notifications will be sent out August 11th and the showcase is on September 24th.

We look forward to seeing you being sinful out there on the dance floor!