Have you ever thought about doing a private but was unsure if it was worth the money? It is an investment, but privates can help increase your confidence, physical skills for your apparatus, and performance ability in ways you never imagined.

Here are some of the benefits of having a private, or semi-private!

Working on particular tricks and conditioning
Do you have those one or two nemesis move that you can’t seem to master during class? Privates are the time to master them! You have all of the attention and time from the instructor to figure out what exactly needs to shift to nail the move, OR learn what exercises, conditioning, etc. you can do on your own in order to work towards your goal.

Building confidence
Let’s face it, pole dance classes can be intimidating. Private lessons offer the comfort of playing, exploring, and finding ways to strengthen movement without the self-consciousness that may arise from being in a class. Still working on feeling completely comfortable in your pole clothes? In privates the instructor is always supportive of wherever you are in your journey. Feel awkward during freestyles in front of people, or even an audience? Perhaps take a semi-private with a friend, (semi privates are a private with two people.) that way you cut the price in half AND get to practice in front of someone whom you know and trust.

Creating authentic choreography (for performance, competition or submission videos, etc.)
A good instructor will be attentive to your movement quality and build choreography around what comes naturally for you, as opposed to forcing uncomplimentary dance moves on you. Choreography is an additional fee to a normal private lesson; creating specialized choreography is an art form, and just as a painter or sculptor gets paid for each individual piece of art, any one-of-a-kind choreographed piece should be paid for accordingly. Choreographers go home and work diligently to create something special, and that time should be compensated fairly.

Cleaning for performances
Now that you have some rad choreography to perform/submit/compete with you must clean it up! Private lessons transform performance pieces from jagged edges into sharp blades. You have all the energy and attention of one person who can help locate that one little detail – the dropping of a hip or slowing down of particular movement that takes your piece from mediocre to speculator.

Personal Attention
Sometimes, we just need that private space, just you and your teacher, to cultivate new things with courage and focus. A class is incredible for a well-rounded experience of movement, tricks, conditioning, classmate camaraderie, and more, but sometimes we may just want to keep our eye on one single thing in a session. Whether you just need that expert eye on a move, or movement quality, or you just want to optimize your time with your instructor – a private is an incredible way to receive completely undivided attention and constructive feedback for 60 whole minutes. Imagine what you might accomplish with that kind of focused attention!

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