Hi my die-hard Level 3 pole people! I’m here today to talk about beginning to take Level 4 pole classes. *whaaaat!?!?!?* That’s right – if you’ve been taking Level 3 pole for a while, it may be time (and no there’s no time like the present), to try a Level 4 class!

DISCLAIMER: While I’m talking specifically about pole Level 4 here, these questions and answers are in no way limited to pole, or Level 4 pole. We all know the feeling of showing up for a familiar class that we love at Body & Pole; a favorite teacher’s zany style, those fun moves you’ve mastered, and ultimately the support you feel the minute you walk through that door. Trying a new class can be intimidating, but there’s no reason to let that fear limit you. ALL those things you love about your comfy class exist at the next level!

Now that we got that out of the way, what are some common questions/fears I hear when people ask about Level 4?

“Level 4 is like crazy flips and stuff. I’m NOWHERE near doing that.”
Level 4 is about alllll the things. This is your chance to start putting together two or 3 of your newly conquered level 3 skills. Or it’s about practicing older skills that may have gotten out of shape… (wah wah.) It’s also a great chance to perfect your technique and form! Sure there may be flips 1 class out of 10. But even flips have foundational elements that can be practiced safely. And if you ARE ready to try something a little scary, your level 4 instructor is there to hold your butt and return you safely to earth!

“But I’ll be the worst one in the room.”
WRONG again!
The higher the level, to more amazing it is to see each student build their strengths, and tackle their weaknesses! Some of the most frequent Level 4 students still shiver over some Level 2 moves- and that’s ok! There will be things you love, and things you hate, but at the end of class, you’re sure to walk away with new goals, and a newfound inspiration from your own AWESOMENESS – cuz you just KILLED that crazy new move you never thought you’d be able to do!!!

“So does this mean I’m done with Level 3 forever?”
There’s always room to take all levels. Every student can make progress by revisiting techniques in a lower level class. The idea here is that sometimes you need to reach a little higher!

“The level 4 instructors do such crazy stuff when they perform, I’m not sure I could ever do any of that.”
See question 1.
AND all of the Level 4 instructors gladly admit they rock some concrete weaknesses. (Mine’s brass monkey, SHHHHH.) We’re all human, and we UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL. That’s why it’s our goal to make at leeeast 1-2 things in a Level 4 class achievable for everyone!

I’m sharing a video of a combo that I would put in a Level 4 class. Here’s the breakdown of where these skills fall on the levels spectrum, and how it could be accessible for any regularly attending Level 3 student who’s ready to try Level 4 for the first time.

-Spinning chopper to outside leg hang – Level 2
-Climb over the knee to aerial shoulder mount to brass monkey – Level 4
-MODIFIED – Slide down for shoulder mount from the ground to brass monkey – Level 3
-Descent or press down, from flag hold to pole sit, or to the ground – Level 3/4

So – now that you’re super stoked to try your first Level 4 class…. When do they happen?
Join us-
Monday – at 6:15pm with Kyra Johannesen
Wednesday – 7:45pm with me!
Saturday – 1:30pm with Samantha Star
And if you’re curious about bridging the gap, try….
Tuesday – Fluidity 3/4 at 6pm – with Michelle Stanek
Friday – Pole’Ography 3/4 at 5pm – with Kyra Johannesen
Saturday – Pole Power 3/4 at 11:45am – me
Sunday – Spinny 3/4 at 3:45pm – me
Who else teaches L4, and 3/4 classes regularly you ask???
Michelle Natoli, Tehera Nesfield, Dalijah Franklin, Shaina Cruea, Irmingard Mayer, Emily Sanderson…