Christmas is in just a few days and you’re worried that your parter, parents of friends still have no idea what to get you, just subtly send them this link and get all the gifts you’ve been pining for!

1. A care package to soothe those poor achy muscles after a long day of training. A few suggestions to go into the package are a jar of epsom salt, a foam roller and some arnica. Customize it how you see fit but there is no going wrong with this gift.

2. A subscription to Spotify. That way they have access to millions of songs while on-the-go. With a monthly subscription they get access to the music even if they don’t have internet access. They can create their own playlists for any mood, and easily share them…a real gift that keeps on going.

3. An industrial size box of Dry Hands. Enough said.

4. New heels. Maybe the ones with the dice or the ones that glow in the dark? New year, new obsession/challenge to master?

5. An appointment with a their favorite bodyworker. Whether it’s massage, acupuncture, or reiki, getting the body back in tip-top condition before embarking upon a new year of training is massively important.

Whatever you get, Body & Pole hopes that your Holiday (whichever Holidays that you celebrate) are filled with family, friends and good memories!