Summer Camp 2015 just ended and it was beyond incredible. Since camp has concluded we’ve gotten so much feedback from campers that we wanted to share with you!

The responses are divided into three primary categories; their most poignant memories, what they’ll miss & what they loved! Thank you Pauline, Nicola, Cassie, Jeana, and Brooke for sharing your with B&P Summer Camp experience with us!

MEMORIES: Sweaty buns, sweaty faces & Marlo’s T-rex arms.

PJ: So thankful for the Body & Pole camp. Definitely the biggest highlight of this year. The instructors were all amazing and so inspirational. Not to mention that they were all nice. I haven’t watched any of the many videos yet, my favorite is when Marlo Frisken did t-rex arms with the noises. I learned so much just from trying new things and seeing everyone’s different style. So glad I went! I missed some of the later classes and my head felt as if it would explode sometimes, but what a trip! A big thank you to everyone there and all the instructors and staff at Body & Pole.

JP: DEPRESSO CENTRAL over here. I miss class everyday & getting my buns kicked & seeing so many sweaty, happy faces. Le sigh.

NY: The quality of the instruction and the attention to detail is something I really appreciated. You aren’t expected to grasp everything in every workshop right away, but the hope is that you walk away from each workshop with ideas to grow over time regardless of where you are in your journey. Because the themes in a lot of workshops were not focused on just learning moves, I feel like I have tools and vocabulary to apply going forward in different contexts.

CP: A breakthrough moment came to me on the final day of Summer Camp. I was exhausted physically and emotionally, and as I rode the train to B&P, I said to myself, “I’m no good today. I cannot do anything today.”

And then Shaina Cruea welcomed us so warmly into her class. She took into consideration our fatigue levels, and I felt very comfortable telling her how hard of a time I was having. And then she and the assistant, Jessi, demonstrated the forearm handspring that we would be learning. And I said, “I can’t do that. There’s no way.”

Not only did I perform spectacularly in class, but I also nailed the forearm handspring, much to my surprise. Without the encouragement from my teachers and classmates, I surely would not have been able to persevere.

Here’s to doing things that you never thought possible!

MISSES: The instructors. Also, the roller coaster of fully believing/not believing you will ever be able to THAT move. Also, food. As told by Brooke:

“Woah, how the hell do I navigate this city?”
“Omg this studio is so huge.”
“Who’s this guy? Isaac? I think I like him.”

“Holy S#!& Annemarie Davies is sexy.”

“Shoulder mounts? Sure. Ooouuccchhh Samantha Star Cuomo!”

“Omg lyra is amazing!”
“No my body hurts I can’t.”
“Okay, yes I can.”
“Ugh I hate it here I want to go home.”
“You want me to do WHAT? That’s beyond my capabilities… Oh S*** I did it!!!!”
“YES twerk choreo!”
“I want to be like Dalijah Franklin when I grow up.”
“Oh my God, it’s Marlo Fisken!”
“Oh, Marlo’s so cool and you know, human.”
“Lol Danielle what the hell are you doing… oh Holy SHIT Dani that was beautiful you’re so beautiful and deep!”
“Wait did I just film Tracee Kafer and Marlo Fisken freedancing at the same time?”

“… I NEED a cupcake.”

LOVES: The new artistic journey campers are about to embark on since participating in B&P Summer Camp. Also, the new friendships formed and community gained. Lastly, let’s not forget those pointed toes!

PJ: Body & Pole camp was one of the most intense (mentally and physically) experiences of my life. It was an amazing journey. I know I didn’t get anywhere near everything. I got frustrated often with myself. I found despite being lost much of the time that I enjoyed the dance/movement classes the most. That was a surprising realization! But it is when you get overwhelmed and have to reach deep, that you realize you can do more than you think and you realize what areas you most want to improve on.

JP: Sending big, huge, sloppy, overflowing, sparkly, gorgeous love to all of you. I am so impressed, amazed & inspired!!! Also, deep gratitude to all our teachers and the Body & Pole team. Your hard work is so evident, as is your passion & love of dance. It was truly a pleasure. Here’s to new found confidence, challenges, strengths & vulnerabilities. Y’all are magic. Let’s get after it…new works, competitions, performances, classes, teaching techniques, and OBVI pointed toes!

CP: My experience at Body & Pole Summer Camp was nothing short of life-changing. From having my physical and artistic boundaries pushed to gaining lifelong friendships, I cannot speak highly enough about the teachers and staff at Body & Pole. They made our time together unforgettable. In addition to learning learning from the pole gods and goddesses and soaking in their expertise and presence, being bonded with my fellow campers through bruises, tears, highs, and lows, was the most meaningful for me. The pole and aerial community is strong, and I will always treasure the lifelong connections with pole dancers from around the globe.

It is impossible to chose just one favorite class, because they were all so different! Each star teacher brought their expertise and character to our camp. With every class that I took, I could feel the changes within my body and spirit. Both in and outside of class, our teachers were loving and personable.

NY: On the last day of camp, there’s a wrap party. All the campers and instructors in attendance sat in a circle and we each said (and in some cases detailed) 1 to 3 words that captured the camp experience. Responses included “gratitude”, “fulfilled”, “more” (as in wanting to do more), “transcending”, “life-changing”, “meow!”, and “WTF!”. I’ll end with my three words and the thoughts behind them.

– Inspired: By the skill, care in instruction, and personality of each instructor. Warmth, encouragement, openness, passion, energy, quirkiness, and authenticity – they gave us their best. By the lives and journey of each camper and the enthusiasm they brought to the table even 7 days into camp with aches and fatigue.

– Connection: We connected with each other physically in some workshops (Liquid Doubles, Contact Improv), emotionally in others (Finding Your Freestyle, Bring. The. Show.), and with ourselves in workshops where we focused on self expression. Outside of workshops we made personal connections with each other. B&P actively fosters an environment where you are able to trust and make those connections.

– Support: No matter where you were on your pole journey, every instructor and every camper was there to assist in the hard moments, share, challenge you, cheer for you. And go shopping with you and tell you to just buy that spectacular top. You are encouraged to speak up if instruction is unclear and encouraged to ask instructors questions outside of workshops.

Thank you again for all the campers who showed up and showed out! Thank you for sharing your energy, light and talent with us! We look forward to seeing you around the studio again sometime soon!