Summer Camp at Body & Pole is in full effect, and I’m lucky enough to be an instructor on the roster. The classes that these campers get to take are so dope that even other instructors here at the studio want to partake! I mean, can I please take Power Heels with Sam Star?! The answer is a hard NO. Only the campers get these special classes. They are treated like royalty when they’re here. Personally, the Meet and Greet has become my favorite part of Summer Camp. It’s where I get to flex my memory muscle and, for reals, I memorize all of their names on the first day. All 19 of them!

I do this because I get something out of it as well. I get to practice being awesome, for one. Two, it makes them feel good. But the third but most important reason is that I feel connected to them immediately. Today is Friday, and I hadn’t seen any of them since Wednesday. I walked into the studio, saw them and remembered all of their names immediately. The connection to them this time around was particularly important because tonight I taught one of my signature workshops, “Stripped.” It’s a workshop in which I teach people how to confidently reveal their bodies by peeling off different layers of clothes.

This can be an intimate thing to many. Something that forces individuals to step out of their comfort zone. I mean, literally, I teach them how to slip their panties off over their head (I know that sounds crazy…) tie them in a bow on the pole and then pull the bow off with their teeth! Okay, okay… they do wear the panties over top of their shorts. It’s not like everything is out or anything. BUT, it’s still something that most people are not used to doing.

My point is, tonight was most special to me. Tonight reminds me that I’m living my dream every single day. There was a time in my life where I thought “I would love to have a school where I can teach other women to do these things like I do.” That was back in 2003ish. And now I have the opportunity here at Body & Pole and so many other wonderful studios around the world. Every time a woman did something amazing tonight, I was able to call them out by name. I whooped, woo hooed, and meowed at them all. There was a camaraderie in that room that I haven’t felt in a long time.

I believe this feeling was present for so many reasons. They all felt connected to each other because they have been in it with each other for 48 hours by now, 7 classes in 3 days at least. They’ve been feeling the love from Body & Pole from the moment they got there. And what I teach in “Stripped” isn’t just how to take your clothes off, but how to feel empowered the whole time. I teach how to take control of your situation, even if it’s not going as planned. For example, if your booty shorts get tangled around your ankles, instead of panicking, go with it. There is something hot about being tied up with your own clothes. Ehhh? You feel me? 😉

Anyway, this is a shout out to all my homies from tonight, all 13 of you that were there. You made me proud to be who I am and where I am. Thank you to Body & Pole for including me in the Summer Camp and allowing me to flex not only my memory muscle, but my sex muscle as well. Being sexy is who I am, what I do and what swirls around inside of me all day, errday. Nights like tonight just get me all….verklempt. I can’t wait for the next B&P Summer Camp! If you plan your life now, you can be there by this time next year. There is so much fun, learning and experiences to last a life time! I know tonight will be one that I remember for a very long time. But just wait ’til I get my hands on them for the after party! #PartyTimeIsWhenIShine