Bodies, if we take a moment to pause and think about, are miraculous little powerhouses of energy. Stop, I mean really stop and think about all the miracles that your body performs for you everyday. It absorbs all of the physical trauma we put it through, it does all these technical things like break down nutrients and amino acids and store them important places (not the best description, but hey, I’m a pole dancer, not a scientist), and it doesn’t explode into human shrapnel after you’ve eaten your 15th rib at the all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant (as one of studio managers–he who shan’t be named–likes to do).

It’s time to thank it. Thank your arms, your legs, shoulders and feet for carrying you throughout life, day in and day out. But don’t just say thank you, show your gratitude by strengthening it, by putting it in motion, by watching it’s flexibility increase and by watching it soar, literally. We want to help you soar. Both your spirit, (whether it’s a gentle spirit or competitive spirit, we have classes for both and everything in between), and your body will feel revitalized. And hey, if you’re working up towards the soaring part, we have classes for that too. Our conditioning classes can help you learn how to handstand, create arches that can compete with the Goddesses of ballet, strengthen your core, and a host of skills that can heighten and improve the overall performance of your general body functionality.

So, come play, explore and fly with us! We’ve been waiting for you.

Moving In The Spirit,