The one and only Marlo Fisken is headed our way this month! While class opportunities with her are waitlisted, there are still several spots left in her exclusive 9-hour Pole Flow® Intensive: Slow + Low.

What is Flow Movement® all about?

“Hi, Marlo here.

I’ve always been immersed in movement. I’ve studied dance for 29 years and have taught movement professionally for 17 years. I love leading atypical and playful group movement experiences. I am constantly exploring how I can teach mechanically sound techniques in innovative ways.

In 2012, Flow Movement® was born out of my desire to share what I understand about fluid movement. I wanted to share the benefits of dance experiences without the things that normally scare people away. Dance does not have to be complicated or intimidating. It can be based on familiar, functional patterns. Students can progress by developing their imaginations and problem-solving abilities, rather than being pressured to imitate others.

I believe fluid, focused movement can benefit everyone. The hard part is not the doing, it’s the development of skills to stay focused on the task and press on, even when we doubt ourselves.”

The Pole Flow® Intensive is 9 hours of class time spent developing your smooth, sensual, and grounded pole work, divided into three hour sessions spread over 3 days.

“The Pole Flow® Series is a culmination of what I’ve learned in 10 years of teaching pole and 29 years of dance.

It is a method of pole dance instruction where the focus isn’t on the attainment of tricks or extremes; it’s on revealing your creativity, musicality, mobility, and flow in a safe and limitless way.

Pole Flow® was created to help you (people pursuing pole dance) to build a respectful relationship with your bodies, and to… give you permission to move freely.”

Interested in signing up?

1:45 – 4:45 PM
COST: $250

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