Our next B&P On Tour event is happening at the end of September in Ghent, Belgium. We reached out to the leading instructors Sam Star and Lara Michaels to find out what they love about pole, life, and dessert.

B&P: Hi Sam! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. So, we hear you like cats, handstands, and fonjis – what’s the newest movement related thing you’ve tried lately that might be added to this list?

Sam: I do like cats, handstands and fonjis!! Two of my other favorite movement things are muscle ups and rolling around on the floor.

B&P: And Lara, you’re all about that #pdeagle4lyfe! What other movement related things do you dig these days?

Lara: While I love eagle on the pole, I also like eagle on the ground, as standing scale. Also known as #standingscalearoundtheworld… Besides that, I just tried an iaido sword class, it was really fun! But apparently in sword arts they don’t do both sides… I felt kind of lopsided.

B&P: What’s one of your most favorite things about teaching?

Sam: Easy answer for that… My students! It’s really cool to have the opportunity to teach and inspire. To see your students thrive and grow within their pole and movement vocabulary as well as in themselves.

Lara: I’m with Sam on this! I love helping students unlock the secrets to achievements in pole and flexibility, and guiding them to being the best that they can be.

B&P: What do you like about traveling and teaching?

Sam: Getting to stay with so many awesome people and experience a little slice of their lives. Meeting and being able to inspire and teach people from all over the world!

Lara: I love to travel! It’s fantastic to be able to go to a totally new place, where I know no one, and magically have this group of friends from the pole community. It’s pretty special!

B&P: What’s one of the things you’re working to improve in your movement life?

Sam: Consistently have three; flexibility, strength and grace.

Lara: “Letting go”, or not second-guessing myself when I dance.

B&P: Ice cream or cake? And what flavor?

Sam: Ice cream all day every day! Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble. When it’s in season.

Lara: Ice cream. Chocolate. Boom.

You can follow Sam and Lara on their journeys through Instagram, @lithiumkitten and @misslaranyc.
There’s still a few spots left to join the B&P On Tour experience at Studio noXcuse in Belgium! Sign up HERE.