We were so lucky to have international pole star Magnus Labbe in residence for the past six months. He said goodbye in April, but we took a moment to find out more about his time at B&P, and where he’s headed to next! For more information about the artist in residence program at Body & Pole visit this page.

B&P: Hey Magnus, thanks for taking the time to chat about your residency! We loved having you here, and are sad to see you go…. what were some of your favorite experiences from your time here?

I have many good experiences at B&P during my residency. I really appreciate the love that the students showed me and I felt at home because of that. I made a lot of new friends among the students, work-studies, and teachers. Another great experience I had at B&P was working with ÆRA dance and performing with them at House of Yes, which also became my favourite place to party at. 😉

B&P: What was it like coming to teach at B&P? Were there any challenges adapting to the classroom environment, or did it feel pretty natural for you?

I loved coming to B&P to teach. It has always been my favourite pole studio to visit and take classes at before I started teaching there. Teaching feels very natural for me so it was not a challenge for me to adapt to B&P, and I love how the class format fits my style of teaching and what I love to teach so the change was easy for me.

B&P: Well, the students LOVED your teaching style! How was it for you working with the students?

I am in love with the students. They gave me their energy and love, so it was my pleasure to teach them my style of pole dance and I loved how I could explore new ways of moving in my classes and the students were openminded and just enjoying it and taking it all in. Thank you all for that.

B&P: How did your time at B&P help you most? Was there a part (or parts) of the residency that gave you a chance to go deeper in your own training or teaching?

I feel as a teacher I learned a lot about myself and my way of teaching, and I got to work with and watch other teacher’s teach and from that I took a lot with me. My way of teaching has definitely grown in new ways by observing others’ teaching style. It was great to experience that and it helped me improve me as a teacher.

B&P: Where are you off to next? Will you be performing sometime soon?

I will be touring Europe where I will be teaching workshops in many cool cities, and then I have some performances to do. One at a pole show in Lisbon and another at a competition in Croatia, where I will do a showcase performance with my boyfriend. Also I will be working on a new competition piece for Pole Theatre Israel in July.

B&P: Thanks again for sharing your talent and love of dance with us, we miss you already!

Thank you. I am definitely missing B&P a lot already too. And I can’t wait to be back soon again!

You can follow Magnus on his next adventure on Instagram @magnuslabbe.