Can you believe it’s already November? If you answered no, you’re not alone. Here at Body & Pole, we can’t believe it either! And now that Halloween’s behind us, you know what that means…holiday gifts! Don’t get stuck buying the usual boring and predictable present, try getting something new for your special ones this holiday season.

Is your significant other a hard worker? Do they need to take a load off? We have two incredibly talented world-class massage therapists that are available Monday through Sunday here in our very own treatment room. This is the perfect gift right around New Years, when the need for self-care may be at an all-time high! What better way to prepare for a new year then shedding the tension of the past year? Email massage@bodyandpole to learn more.

Does a friend need to do something exciting and out of the ordinary? What about throwing them a pole or aerial party? This is a gift given in the spirit of the holidays; one to be shared with friends and family, and will create lasting memories for everyone involved.

Is one of your family members already an aerial junkie or pole obsessed, but you’re not exactly sure what to get them? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Just get a gift card and they can choose for themselves, that way it’s a win-win for everybody. They don’t have to pretend to like a gift, and you look like a super thoughtful and observant gift-giver who honors their addictions! And right now, we have a great 2-for-1 class gift card option for new and existing clients! Spend $25 and receive a $50 gift card to use for Intro classes or towards class package purchases.

Moving In the Spirit,