Let me tell you a secret, very few people throw better parties then aerialists and pole dancers! If you’ve attended one of our Halloween parties then you know! But you don’t have to wait a year to party us!

You can party with us anytime of the year! And parties are not just for brides to be or birthday girls, below are 5 alternative reasons to have a pole or aerial party:

1. Divorce/ Break-Up
What better way to get rid of your blues than by shaking (or twerking) them off? This is the perfect way to bring your sexy back, not to mention these moves may be put into use during your new single lifestyle *wink,wink*.

2. Getting a Promotion
After getting promoted who doesn’t just want to get up and dance? Exactly, everyoneee just wants to get up and dance! So, instead of going to a boring dinner at some overpriced restaurant, rally up your friends to get up and dance in a space that encourages it!

3. Orrr… Quitting Your Job!
This one is almost up there with a break up, especially since most of us spend more time at work than with our significant other. Reconnecting and honoring your needs can be hard, but quitting a job definitely falls into that category. And you deserve to be celebrate yourself! Nothing feels better than moving your body, and movement is a way to further reconnect with your intuition and continue on the road to self care!

4.Leaving NYC/ Moving to NYC
If you’re coming to NYC, then welcome! Break into the new city by doing what all the cool kids do; attend a party where you and your friends get to dance upside down!

And if you’re leaving NYC, go out with a bang! There’ s no bigger exciting bang than this!

5. Beginning Menopause
Stepping into a new and major phase of life deserves a celebration!

Bodies are incredible, surprising things, that are constantly changing. An end to one era can be the beginning of another. Come party with us to remember just how strong and powerful your body is!

Whether you want an interesting event for a girl’s night or exciting company bonding, there’s are a million other reasons to take a pole and aerial party. Find yours today!

Moving In the Spirit,