B&P Plus

The B&P Plus Experience

Look for our new schedule tab on MindBody, the B&P PLUS Experience! We are very excited to offer exclusive and expert workshop intensives from our current staff. Enlighten and deepen your training with instructors who already know and love you! You may use your class packages and monthly memberships to sign up for B&P PLUS specialty classes.



TUESDAYS MARCH 14, 21, & 28, 2017
8:30 – 10:00 PM

In the next 90 minutes take a creative journey designed to broaden your horizon in terms of both floorwork technique AND grounded exploration. You will learn and experience floorwork barefoot, in socks, and in heels to discover the variety and possibilities of changing surface friction, style, and movement quality. After a guided warm-up that not only heightens body awareness but heats and prepares the body and the breath, you will learn contemporary movement phrases utilizing the floor in both traditional and non-traditional ways. From this class you can expect to leave with ideas and applications on how to move more fluidly, and enhance your sensory and spatial awareness to compliment the creativity and enjoyment of your movement! You can also expect a stimulating, diverse playlist, and time for filming at the end of class so you can take home your experience and continue the journey. Let’s DANCE!

You will need both heels and socks for this class series! We will be using kneepads as well, feel free to bring our own pair. Don’t forget layers to cover your shoulders, knees, and back.