B&P Plus

The B&P Plus Experience

Look for our new schedule tab on MindBody, the B&P PLUS Experience! We are very excited to offer exclusive and expert workshop intensives from our current staff. Enlighten and deepen your training with instructors who already know and love you! You may use your class packages and monthly memberships to sign up for B&P PLUS specialty classes.



TUESDAY AUGUST 15, 22, & 29, 2017
8:30 – 10:00 PM

Get Low with Liquid is a fluidity class for students who want to take their pole flows to the next level without actually going up the pole. Students will learn complex grounded sequences that include advanced floor work ideas, one arm spins, low flow inversions, all kinds of base work, and static rotation all while never getting more then a few feet off the ground. Students will be given the tools and techniques to create their own down and dirty interpretations on more traditional fluidity ideas so they can grow with our industry. This class will embrace the down and dirty side of movement in a new less predictable style. You won’t be grabbing your crotch, but I promise that someone else will want to.

Students must be a Level 2 and above.