Leandra Johnson also go by Lele is from Brooklyn. She is 6’1 and loves to move. She is currently a Biology student looking forward to becoming a Dentist however, dance and expressive art has always been her first love. Growing up she tried to become a part of dance but was discouraged because of her height. At nine years old after sneaking to watch the movie Showgirls, she knew she had to try pole one day. In 2013 she took her first pole class at Body & Pole. With a place that has people with all shapes and sizes, for once she did not feel criticized by her height and gained the confidence to do what she always wanted to do. Her goal is to express her passion for pole through instructing and represent for the tall girls. She enjoys working out, cooking, and with her loves for art she also likes to decorate cakes and do paint and sips with her best friend. She is a Gemini and loves listening to Frank Ocean, Prince, Solange and Buju Banton. She is incredibly happy to have this opportunity to grow and live her passion with Body & Pole.