Meet our January 2023 Teacher Feature: Pole instructor Dey Phoenix and Aerial instructor Dominic Di Felice. Get to know more about each of them, their respective approaches to Pole and Aerial dance, and best of all — take any of their classes for $25 ALL MONTH LONG!!

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Which apparatus do you teach?

I teach, train and perform in the arts of pole witchcraft and sorcery.

What is your training and background in pole dance?

I started off self-taught back in 2017 after doing an open pole night (Pole Play NYC) at House of Yes. Although I have a dance background in Hip Hop and Street Jazz, I had no prior pole experience, and initially had the intention to do pole for nightlife as a stripper. Fast forwarding, I was introduced to the world of pole studios as I continued to build community in the nightlife scene. As the saying goes, the rest is history!

How did you transition from student to teacher?

I’ve always known I wanted to teach dance since college; what I didn’t know is that I would want to teach pole dance! Once I started taking classes at IncrediPOLE and was introduced to erotic movement classes, I knew this was the track for me. In June 2019, I attended my first PoleCon and took the XPERT Pole Certification to become a certified instructor.

Are there any teachers that impacted your pole journey, and if so, what gift did they give you? 

There are a few instructors who shaped my journey, but the one instructor who was pivotal in my movement journey and heavily influenced the way I move now was Carmine Black. I knew I needed to explore more erotic movement the first time I laid eyes on her at one of the Pole Play NYC events! Her classes were booked out for months, so I decided to book a class with her three months out, and knew no matter if I went alone or with friends, I would be attending her classes. It’s due to her slink and high knowledge of body movement where I began to really understand my body and how to translate that to pole.

I also consistently mention Bentley Rebel, who was the very first Black male pole dance I’ve ever seen in action. If it weren’t for his presence in the world, I honestly do not think I would have considered exploring pole dance even further.

What makes your classes unique? 

I consider my “low pressure” and “meet people in the middle” approaches to be the unique factor in my classes. Throughout my five year (and counting) pole journey, I’ve observed how students would approach their training in a very militant style. But for me, dance in general is not just about the techniques; it’s about the feeling behind the movement and the techniques amplify those feelings.

I also stick very close to the sensual/sexually driven roots to pole. For me, pole will always tie back to the strip club culture, as we know our mainstream pole industry has heavy influence from the club. In addition to teaching the technical parts of pole dance, I make sure to always focus on how to exude sex appeal and allure, providing a brave space for those who may actually work the strip club industry or for those who are looking to find confidence within their sensuality.

How do you motivate students when you walk into a class with low energy? 

I always have my energy on HIGH when I start my classes out! It’s highly important for me to set the tone early in the game before the class starts. I also love to tell a bunch of corny jokes/anecdotes when it comes to my teaching style. For example, when pole walks and movement intention, I always tell students they want to take their energy and turn it from Sham-how to Sham-WOW (and it works!). Allowing my students to have fun and laugh always brings up their motivation to participate.

How do you motivate yourself? 

For me, dance is therapy and dance is a spiritual experience. It’s easy for me to get up and dance because I always see dance as a language that expresses how I feel when I can’t verbally express myself. If I ever have a low moment, I turn to the pole! I turn my favorite song(s) on and keep it moving, not focusing on “perfection”, and focusing solely on the release of energy.

On that note, what’s your favorite playlist to jam to? 

I definitely have a TON of playlists on Spotify, but my tried and true playlist I like to play around with at home is my LUST LAIR playlist. It has slow and sexy feels that really allow me to drip and flow! You can find it here.

What is the best advice you can give to someone starting out in pole dance? 

Come as you are, and leave expectations at the door! Always remember everyone has to start somewhere, and what you don’t get today, there’s always the next few classes 🙂

What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in class (as a student or a teacher)? 

I don’t get embarrassed too easily; however, I will admit there are times when I would teach a progression, go to review it, and forget a step. When a student says, “What about this move?”, it’s when I remember! I always get a good laugh out of it. Goes to show us instructors are still human, too!

What future projects are you working on? 

I’m so glad you asked — I’m thrilled to announce I have a show at B&P coming up this month: Black Phoenix Nest: Sex Magick, an immersive R&B/Hip Hop/Pole-esque experience in celebration of my 33rd birthday. This show brings together unapologetically, uninhibited pole and burlesque acts where all unique creatures born of fire unite to embody all of their desires and fantasies.

Saturday, January 28 (my actual birthday)



I also have the pleasure of curating the Men of Pole showcase for 2023 PoleCon DMV! I aim to make it non-traditional in the sense that I want ALL expressions of what Men of Pole can be! You don’t have to be a cisgender male, you don’t have to wear “what men wear”, you can express yourself in any manner (coming from a man who’s always in a thong and heels!). PoleCon DMV will be from June 15-18.

I’m always thinking of what I can bring to my community as well, so workshops and hopefully more shows will be in the mix this year.

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Which apparatus do you teach? 

I teach aerial hoop, but started out on pole. I also enjoy playing on aerial pole and hammock from time to time.

What is your training and background in aerial dance? 

I have a musical theatre background and started my aerial dance journey in 2017 at Body & Pole. The Summer School program that year really gave me the ability to explore every apparatus. I learned to infuse technique with how the body freely moves to create my own individual movement expression.

How did you transition from student to teacher? 

I was part of the Work-Study program pre-COVID and then returned to finish the program at the end of 2021. I remember taking my first elevatED certification with Kyra and leading the group through movement exercises that we created felt so natural. It was then that I realized I had potential to do well as an instructor.

Are there any teachers that deeply impacted your journey, and if so, what gift did they give you?

There are too many incredible mentors I’ve had over the years but I think the person who changed my way of approaching aerial dance was Samantha Marsh. She had a wonderful way of encouraging students to find their own shapes and letting the music influence the body. That has always really stuck with me.

What makes your classes unique? 

I tend to push students to go a little deeper emotionally when dancing in the air and allow the music to drive the movement. With my musical theatre background, I always love to see the DRAMA!

How do you motivate students when you walk into a class with low energy? 

Jokes. If I sense low or overly serious energy in the room, I’ll try and break the ice with a funny story or joke to get a little laugh. Laugher is the easiest way to release tension and heighten energy. After all, THIS IS FUN!

How do you motivate yourself? 

Coffee and music. The best recipe to start a productive day.

On that note, what’s your favorite playlist to jam to? 

Background Beats is a a playlist I love to listen to on Spotify under my username lildiesel224. Check it out!

What is the best advice you can give someone starting out in aerial dance? 

Getting to the room can be the hardest part sometimes, no matter how you feel, just show up!

What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you in class? 

There was one hoop class I was a student in, and during the filming segment at the end of class, my leggings got stuck and started to pull down, showing all my underwear as I exited. I couldn’t stop laughing as I apologized to the room.

What future projects are you working on? 

The next project I want to create will infuse my vocals with aerial dance. DRAMA.

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