This week, we’re excited to feature Marilyn Allers, owner and instructor of Aerial Therapy, Bermuda’s first and only pole studio! Marilyn chats with us about her bold move to open up a pole studio in a conservative island, and shares a fun fact about her other career (it’s not what you’d think!). Join Marilyn this Friday, February 25 on LIVE on B&P Online for Flowmatic.

Why pole? How did you get into the industry? 

In 2009, Pole Dancing was still a very taboo subject matter especially in an extremely conservative, tiny island (population ~65K) like Bermuda. Pole was sexy, challenging and still very much “underground” at that time, all things that I have always strongly identified with, so it was only natural for me to immerse myself in the Pole life.

Becoming a part of the industry was a really organic experience for me as well. I love learning and am always determined to soak up as much information as possible. Since the beginning of my Pole journey I have remained intentional about taking Pole trips to participate in Pole retreats/conventions including but not limited to Pole Expo, Black Girls Pole (BGP) and PoleCon, scheduling traincations like an ambitious 2015 weekend at B&P (#nosleepweekend), doing ALL THE PHOTOSHOOTS and attending Pole competitions on the PSO circuit to supplement my regular training at home in Bermuda. During these travels I have the privilege of Poling and interacting with some of the most brilliant movers, instructors, creators and business minds that the Pole world has to offer. I’ve always felt like networking in the traditional sense was a very contrived exercise but once people learn that I live on a small rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the conversation often leads to interesting opportunities.

What inspired you to open your own studio?

So, fun fact; I have a very demanding, full-time corporate role as a Senior Software Developer and I’m not one of these types that loathes her day job (read: I NEVER intended to become a studio owner).

The studio that I loved, taught and trained at abruptly closed early 2015. Nowhere else on island was offering group Pole classes so a vacuum was immediately created. I suddenly found that others were looking to me to take action, coaxing me with various pleas, offers and requests to fill this Pole void. In September 2015, peer pressure won and Aerial Therapy was born.

Who is your biggest cheerleader/mentor/ who inspires you? 

My husband Carlos (aka the Community Husband) is hands down my biggest supporter. In my experience, most Pole Dancers who are in committed, long-term relationships started Pole before getting involved with their partner but that was not our story which has given me an even more profound amount of appreciation and respect for my friend, lover, life partner and baby-daddy 🙂.

My instructor team who have become like sisters to me and student base are incredible cheerleaders as well. Without a solid team and loyal Pole babes, there would be no Aerial Therapy.