We all can relate to reaching plateaus in our movement journey. Our next post is by Body & Pole instructor Lara Michaels where she talks about achieving goals, trying new skills, and working up the guts to try a harder class.

About a year ago, I wrote a post for the B&P Blog about “Leveling Up”. As a Pole and Flexibility teacher, I’m lucky to work with students of all levels at Body & Pole. One thing I often hear is, “I’m scared to try Level 2 Flexibility.” Or for Pole classes, “There is NO way I could take a Level 4 class.”

I get it – there’s something reassuring about the level of class you take the most. You know what to expect; the challenges, the successes, even the other students are familiar, making the whole environment supportive and accessible. I love strong technical foundations. I love practicing the basics, and finding something new in the familiar. It’s a beautiful movement meditation.

But I want to remind you of your very FIRST Pole, Flexibility, or Aerial class. Remember what it was like walking into a room where you knew no one? Where you had no idea what was going to happen? Where every move was crazy and new? (And just think – you can do all of that now in your sleep…) You had no choice but to pull up your pole shorts and give it a try. And maybe it worked, or, many times it didn’t.

But you would try and try again each week. And you got better.

It’s this attitude that makes training an apparatus, or flexibility so inspiring. We defy our own limitations every time we try something new.

I speak mostly to Pole and Flexibility, because those are the methods I’ve chosen to use to push my own limits. I’ve discovered there is no real pinnacle to the process. There’s no “I made it to the finish line!” moment with movement. There’s only the journey, the process of unwrapping your potential with every small success. These successes become exponential; building upon each achievement that came before to develop your skill, ease, and proficiency. It’s these sequential successes that become our achievements.

So with that in mind…. how can you stretch your boundaries?

A Level 2 Flex class might move faster than you’re used to, but with Flex, there REALLY is no final destination. We’re always increasing our strength and functionality in greater and greater ranges of motion. With practice, what seems crazy and hard will be familiar. You don’t have to be a contortionist to take Flex 2, you just need an open mind!

A harder Pole class can really roll on the jitters. But every pole move has a foundational element – something you can work on when the final pose or transition is still out of reach. And you may be surprised by the “hard” moves that come easy to you!

The instructors at Body & Pole are here to help, and every class is a chance for you to achieve one of those small incremental successes; regardless of the level. I hope to see you in class, and to help you celebrate your achievements!

You can join Lara for Flexibility or Pole classes during her regular schedule, or keep an eye out for when she’s subbing.

Flexibility Level 2 – Fridays at 11:45am
Pole Power 3/4 – Saturdays at 10:00am
Spinny Pole 3/4 – Sundays at 3:45pm (starting April 16th)
Open Pole – Mondays at 12:00pm
Pole Level 2 – Thursdays at 10:15am