Pole and aerial can be extremely frustrating. Hello – not being able to land a nemesis move, or move through serious bumps in the road like losing a competition or even injuries. Sometimes, it’s easy to get stuck in a whirlwind of discouragement, especially if you’ve incurred a serious injury related to training. But, we all keep pushing the boundaries of our bodies for a reason. What are your reasons? What has pole or aerial given you that you’re thankful for?

For me, I am incredibly thankful for connecting with a new and supportive community that extends far beyond the studio, the new level of body awareness I’ve obtained since I began training. (Who knew I have a naturally bendy back or about the hyperextension of my knees, which I am able to take better care of now that I know about them.) Lastly, I am super thankful for pole for providing a new and transformative way to express myself, my stories, and a way to physically move through my problems.

What about you? With Thanksgiving just a few days away, when’s a better time to think about these things? Is it a newfound confidence that you didn’t know you had? Or is it a way to reconnect with your body, something that not’s possible at your “day job?” Or, like myself, a new circle of friends and new experiences? Is it your safe haven, a time to stare at yourself in the mirror and declare just how sexy you are?

I want to propose little challenge to you all: Write a body gratitude list.

It could be related to pole/aerial/conditioning, or not, whatever you feel applies to you. It may include one, or all, of the reasons mentioned above. It’s proven that people who experience gratitude are often happier, and don’t think about what they don’t have, because they’re really appreciate what they do have. This list will be critical to look at the next time you feel like quitting in the middle of competition, or want to cry when you’ve done a move 5,000 times and still haven’t nailed it. Our bodies do so much, we should thank for it!

Moving In the Spirit,