Anneke recently spent a week in NYC at Body & Pole as a part of our Traincation experience. From Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, Anneke trains at Pink Fitness For Women and in a month she will be co-owner of The Studio – Aerial Arts & Fitness. An active poler for 4 1/2 years, Anneke was excited to share some of the highlights of her Traincation experience.

B&P: Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your Traincation experience! What made you want to come to Body & Pole for a Traincation?

This was actually my second Traincation at B&P. My friend, Justine, had been to Body & Pole before and spoke very highly of her experiences. So when she mentioned she was going for a Traincation I asked if she wanted a travel buddy. I loved my first Traincation and couldn’t wait to go back a second time!

B&P: Did you have any particular goals for your time at Body & Pole?

Mostly to take in as much as possible. I enjoy being able to train under so many different instructors in one place and I like to take in all the different styles. I also wanted to work on some flexibility goals and found great guidance in a private with Lara Michaels.

B&P: What’s one of the hardest things about a Traincation?

Narrowing down which classes to take. There isn’t enough time in a week to try everything and you need to listen to your body so you don’t burn out in the first few days.

B&P: What were some of your favorite moments from your week?

It’s so hard to decide on even a few!! Doing my first ever cup grip dead lift in Pole Power with Lara, trying to move like Magnus Labbe (all the static rotations), and getting outta my comfort zone with Tracee Kafer in both her Finding Your Freestyle and Contemporary Floorwork classes.

B&P: Any advice for someone planning a Traincation at Body & Pole?

Try something new, push your boundaries, video everything you learn in between classes because if you are anything like me you’ll never be able to remember it all! And most of all have fun!!

For more information about Traincations at Body & Pole, visit our webpage: www.bodyandpole.com/intensive-programs/traincation/