Originally from Puerto Rico, Armando was a mover since his first years. By playing different sports and having a strong passion for physical activity in his childhood, he discovered dance. Armando was then trained with several dance companies and styles in Puerto Rico; including jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporary and salsa among others. After receiving his Bachelor degree and dance education from the Unversity of Puerto Rico, he left the country in 2007 to perform and choreograph for mostly casinos and cabarets in dutch and french islands in the Caribbean.

He started his aerial career doing silks back in 2012 when he was trained by Cuban circus artists. One year later, he found the art of pole dance and as soon as his last dance contract came to an end, he traveled to New York in 2014 to discover Body & Pole and the Work-Study Program.

Based in New York, Armando has performed for different venus and shows including Stage 48, Schtick a Pole in it, House of Yes, and The Triad Theater. He is also the creator of the Body & Pole series Latin Fusion Pole’Ography and Pole for Men and has been an assistant choreographer/choreographer for AERA.

To book a private lesson with Armando, please email armando@bodyandpole.com.