Alex, an NYC native, started his pole journey in early 2016 right here at Body & Pole!

Before discovering his love for pole dance, Alex studied photography and worked at a prestigious NYC museum. Feeling unfulfilled and in the need of change, Alex expressed interest in taking a pole dance class to two coworkers, and decided to take a class together at Body & Pole. On the day of the class, the two coworkers bailed, forcing Alex to take the class all on his own. Unbeknownst to him, Body & Pole offered First Visit discounted rates, and Alex instead purchased a 5 class non-refundable package. Alex figured that if he could take the one class by himself, he could finish the package. And the rest is history!

Since then, Alex has graduated from the Body & Pole Work-Study Program, performed all over NYC, and has become both elevatED and Liquid Motion certified!

To book a private lesson with Alex, please email alexthepoletwink@gmail.com.