The Body & Pole Work-Study Program is a one year professional development program where work-studies are nurtured, supported and empowered to discover and achieve their unique goals. Throughout the year, work-studies are mentored and surrounded by some of the most renowned artists, athletes, and performers in the Pole and Aerial Arts industry. The program is designed for those who wish to make an impact and become leaders in the community.

Our next Work-Study period begins June 2022, submission dates TBA. Questions about the Work-Study Program? Email armando@bodyandpole.com.

What professional development opportunities are there?

Work-studies will be mentored and provided with educational resources in the following career tracks:

1. Pole/Aerial Instructor
2. Pole/Aerial Performer
3. Studio Operations & Management
4. Event Production

We have curated a year-long program that includes mentorship opportunities, monthly specialty Track Workshops where industry leaders share their expertise on topics related to each career track, monthly check-in meetings with management where ideas can be pitched and feedback can be expressed, as well as numerous opportunities to perform, produce and teach. 

What kind of Track Workshops do you offer?

There are up to 50 unique track workshops throughout the year, with at least one workshop per track per month. For example, some Track Workshops that you can expect to attend include:

Operations Track:
“Introduction to Business Plans”
“Accounting 101”
“Allocating Resources and Strategic Expansion”

Instructor Track:
“C.P.R. Certification”
“Cueing and Breathing Techniques”
“Class Planning”

Performer Track:
“Act Creation and Storytelling”
“Competing: Domestic, International, Professional”
“Injury Prevention and Body Maintenance”

Producer Track:
“Safe Rigging Practices for Aerial Events”
“Stage Management 101”
“Budgeting and Directing”

What is the commitment?

For one year, work-studies will be required to work between 16–18 hours per week spread between two shifts. During these shifts work-studies are responsible for opening/closing the studio, working the front desk, cleaning, rigging, and any number of additional responsibilities. Work-studies must also commit to at least one track, attend the monthly workshops associated with their chosen track, and maintain successful relationships with their mentors.

work-study program at body and pole
Photo by Zhanna Kurmanova: www.kurmanova.com
What perks do work-studies receive in return?

Work-studies receive unlimited sign-up access to the studio for the entire year, professional development, access to a number of educational resources and opportunities within the studio and around the community, access to space for practicing/rehearsing, quarterly work-studies only social outings, and discounts on select merchandise, workshops, and training.

What have alumni of the Work-Study Program achieved?

Alumni of our program have gone on to have successful careers as performers for companies such as Cirque du Soleil, national champions in pole competitions, instructors touring and teaching classes all over the world, pole/aerial entrepreneurs and business owners. Many have even been hired as instructors and members of our operations team.


“The best place to learn how to produce an aerial show, live and virtually.”

– Michelle, Producer Track

“It opened up to me a world and an industry that has now become my home.”

– Donna, Pole Instructor and 2021 Northeast Pole Art Champion

“I’ve rediscovered and redefined myself as a dancer and fitness instructor.”

– Butchie, Pole Instructor

The Work-Study Program educated me through mentorship, classes, training & opportunity to not just grow in skill, strength and knowledge of body & apparatus, but also it has given me an inside advantage in the aerial community which has turned the ‘dream’ of a career into a reality.

– Samantha Marsh, Aerial Instructor & Performer

The Work-Study Program at Body & Pole fully immersed me into the world of pole and aerial by offering extensive training, support and opportunity.

– Irmingard Mayer, Manager and 2015 US National Pole Art Champion

The Body & Pole Work-Study Program has helped me grow as a pole dancer and as a person. It has also opened so many performance opportunities for me.

– Regina Armand, Studio Owner




Your video should be no more than 3 minutes long. You can email your video application to armando@bodyandpole.com.

  • Tell us about yourself (i.e. Who are you? Where are you from? what do you want us to know about yourself?)
  • Why do you want to be a work-study at B&P? (i.e. How can B&P help you? What does B&P have that you need?)
  • What track will you pursue? What are your goals?
  • OPTIONAL (but recommended): Include a clip of your talent (if you’re a performer) OR teaching class (if you’re an instructor)
  • Send us a link to your video (DO NOT send to us in the form of an attachment, please use YouTube or Vimeo)


Upon receipt of your submission video, you will be notified if you are invited back to the Group Interview.


Our Work-Study for the month of December was Gina! Gina is a hard-working, resourceful, passionate magical unicorn – finishing her year strong! To show our appreciation, Gina will receive a free private lesson with the instructor of her choice! Thank you for everything!