Elena Delgado is a choreographer, artist and aerialist. Her work explores the politics of the body with humor and camp, drawing on her background in cabaret, theater and visual arts. Along with writing and producing her own theatrical work, she has collaborated with aerial theatre companies such as AERA dance, Schmallenberger productions, RKP ensemble, and the Constellation Moving Co. She performs in cabarets all over the city, find her on Instagram: @delgado_makes. Click here for her website.

Elena is passionate about teaching and her style is warm, fun and engaging. She believes that everyone has the ability to learn something new through the study of circus arts. In her beginner classes she emphasizes the importance of positivity and proper conditioning, while her advanced classes help students to gain a solid technical foundation and to facilitate their creative exploration and performance abilities.

To book a private lesson with Elena, please email eledelga@gmail.com.