If you’re a student at Body & Pole, chances are you know Phillip Evans!  He began as a Work-Study way back in 2013, and has been teaching a variety of classes (ranging from Pole and Aerial to INVERTable) since 2015, while also managing our Programming and Studio Facilities. Jack of all trades, man of many hats — he is self-admittedly involved in nearly every aspect of the studio and plays a crucial role in keeping things running and ship-shape. One of Phill’s favorite events at Body & Pole is our annual Halloween Show (get your tickets for this year’s “Exquisite Corpse” show here!), which he always helps set-up and break-down, but this year he is putting on his creative hat and directing an entire room, which you don’t want to miss! Keep reading for more about Phillip, as well as his award-winning piece from Pole Theater Comedy.

Where are you from originally?


When did you discover pole dance?

I am a true adult beginner. I took my first pole class on a dare in early 2012 with 0 expectations and it literally changed my life.

What are some of your accomplishments/favorite shows/performances that you’ve performed in?

I am the winner of the first ever Jerry Springer Stripper Showdown, I was the Pole Theater Comedy Champion, I placed 4th in PSO nationals in 2014

What is your favorite move/trick?

Without a doubt, HANDSTANDS!

How do you stay motivated?

Every time I train something feels better or makes more sense and that progress keeps me excited to keep learning

What are some of your favorite songs/artists to play in class? 

Jock Jams…I’m not afraid to throw it back!

How long have you been teaching at BP?

I started as a Work-Study on January 1st of 2013 and have been teaching a variety of classes at the studio since around 2015. Catch my INVERTable class on Tuesdays at 5:15pm!

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

The students, seeing them start to get it and become excited about the material really motivates me.

What is your teaching style or how you would you describe your classes?

I would describe my teaching style as fun. I try to build the class to cater to the very beginners and give options that can even inspire and excite those who have been practicing for years.

If you had to pick a quote or motto to define your attitude, what would it be?

Just have fun.

Switching gears a bit, how did you get involved in our annual Halloween shows? 

Oh man, I am involved with EVERYTHING at B&P.

What was your role in last year’s “Tell Tale Trick”?

I actually came up with the base idea (Tell Tale Heart and Edgar Allen Poe) but beyond that I was mostly just helping set up and break down.

What is your role in the show this year?

This year I get to creative direct an entire room! I always help with the set-up and breakdown of almost every single event and project at B&P but I never really get to work in the creative and I am SO excited to get to help make the mess rather than just clean it up 🙂

What are you most excited for in this year’s show?

All of it, the Halloween show is one of my favorite things that B&P does and this year is going to be UNREAL! (So get your tickets!)

“Tell Tale Trick” Act II choreographed by Kyra Johannesen 

For more of Phillip, follow along on Instagram @phillvonawesome