The Body & Pole work-study program is designed for people who are serious about pole and aerial and want to make it a bigger part of their lives. Whether it is competing, teaching, or switching careers, this program has helped countless others reach their goals. It is an intense year-long commitment where you will be required to work between 12 – 18 hours per week spread between 2 to 3 shifts. We talked with two of our current work-studies, Fernanda and Wendy, to learn more about their experience with the program.

B&P: Fernanda and Wendy, thanks for taking some time to talk with us about your experience in the work-study program. What prompted you to apply for the program?

Fernanda: First of all, I always felt very welcomed in the studio, so I wanted to make other people feel the same way and get passionate about this place like I am. Secondly, I admire a lot Kyra and Lian for this beautiful business and knew that I could learn a lot from them and their amazing team of brilliant and interesting people… I guess, at first, I just wanted to be part of the family, get more involved and meet new people. 🙂

Wendy: Pole and the aerial arts are empowering art forms that have inspired me in many ways. I wanted to become more directly immersed in the artistic community and the work-study program offered the perfect opportunity to do so!

B&P: What’s one of the best benefits of the work-study program?

Fernanda: Of course the unlimited classes and practice time for free are very nice, but there is so much more than that. The mentorship program is very interesting and we have the chance to learn from amazing performers and instructors. We can see the business from the inside and get closer to our goals (or even discover new ones). For me personally, I also enjoy the opportunity to meet people, call the studio a second-home and just be my best creative self.

Wendy: Immersion, and the well-thought out tracks offered to explore career opportunities within the industry.

B&P: What is one of the the most challenging elements of the work-study program?

Fernanda: The beginning is very overwhelming, because there are so many little details to understand and remember, also we are working hard to get everything just right. Besides that, I don’t see a lot of challenges actually… If you work hard, do your part, take care of each other and give the proper time for your body to heal and rest… everything ends up being a wonderful journey (if you are open to it)! You might be a little stressed when having a bad day, lots of customers, a busy rig change… but all jobs have these days!

Wendy: Many of us have either full-time or part-time jobs in addition to the work-study program, and work-life balance is one of the most challenging elements to the program. Not just logistically, but also making sure that you find the time and the energy to train!

B&P: What do you hope to achieve during your time as a work-study?

Fernanda: I am very new to this industry. I discover more everyday about so many opportunities that it is already a great achievement. I never imagined that I could be so passionate about practice, performing, teaching, producing and management (all at the same time! lol). I am leveling up, I am getting stronger and pushing my limits!

I hope to take full advantage of those many tools and knowledge I will receive, and become a better person and professional, inspiring others at the same time. I hope to leave a beautiful and special mark for the studio!

Wendy: A future career path, whether it be in teaching or in another role helping to bring pole and the aerial arts to the forefront.

B&P: Any advice for future work-study applicants or participants?

Fernanda: So many (lol)…Make friends, be kind and have a positive vibe. You will be working with this people for at least 6 months, and I believe that having fun and enjoyable moments at the same time is the key to a happy work and day. Get involved! Rest well, don’t over practice or push yourself too hard! The work-study program is not just “another job” – treat it with priority and care for it, and it will take care of you back!

Wendy: Passion is a must, but be realistic about what you can achieve from the program depending on what your life circumstances may be.

Submissions are only open for one more day, for the January 2018 start. For more information about the work-study program visit our website here.

Have more questions? Email ashly@bodyandpole.com.