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Here is another installment of our monthly playlist to incite some new and exciting movement! With Indigenous People’s day just a few days ago (Thanksgiving) AND with the brutal treatment of the water protectors currently in North Dakota, we decided to create a playlist that highlights the music of indigenous people worldwide! From this country, […]

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This playlist takes you on a trip and is the perfect back drop to your summertime rendezvous on the road, at the beach, or in the studio. Some are light, some are dark, and some are very explicit, but all tunes on this list will turn it up! Each of these songs has a personal […]

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With all the craziness of the past month we know how it easy it is to feel hopeless, helpless, and lost. But we also know the incredible healing powers of good music & connecting with your body. So, we’ve created a happy and healing playlist for you. Some jams are throwbacks, some are new cuts, […]

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Ever hear a song in class during the middle of a warm-up that made you want to run over to the iPod to see the name so that you could download for you own playlist? More often than not, once class starts it’s easy to forget and only to remember after class, once it’s too […]

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