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We felt so inspired while watching the Olympics that we just had to make our own version! But don’t worry, the B&P Olympics will not be played this way (but, it is equally exciting!)! Of course, Olympic athletes have been training for their entire lives for this moment, but we can all be Olympic athletes […]

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I got a chance to chat with Elaina Royter about our monthly Community Jams! We talked about how they inspire students and teachers alike, and build community in the most exciting way possible. Read below to figure out why you need to be at the next jam session! Why did you begin hosting Community Jams? […]

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Bodies, if we take a moment to pause and think about, are miraculous little powerhouses of energy. Stop, I mean really stop and think about all the miracles that your body performs for you everyday. It absorbs all of the physical trauma we put it through, it does all these technical things like break down […]

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