Pole Classes

Pole Classes – Level System

Once you have taken INTRO TO POLE classes (We recommend that you take the intro class three to five times), and you feel that you completely understand and get the moves you learned in Intro to Pole, you are then ready to join any of our LEVEL 1 BEGINNER classes. DO NOT sign up for LEVEL 2 BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE classes without first attending BEGINNER classes, or getting approval from one of the instructors.

General Disclaimer: It is our goal to meet the specific needs of our students at Body & Pole in each of your classes. Please understand that the importance of building strength and stamina while using proper technique is essential to your safety and continued growth. If you have some experience with the pole but are uncertain about your level, please register for a level 1 class, and the instructor can help assess your current ability. If you have never taken a class with the apparatus you want to try, then you must first take at least one intro-level class.