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The intention behind a detox or cleanse is understandable: I’ll do this 5-day cleanse to re-set my system so that I can start eating healthier. And, hey, maybe I’ll quickly lose a couple of pounds in the process. Win-win! There’s one HUGE flaw with the current detox craze – it sparks a cycle of detox-retox. […]

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With Summer Camp right around the corner, we asked past Summer Camp attendees about their favorite classes, best New York memories, and how Summer Camp changed their pole lives! Check out what Jeanie Kay, Mint & Drusilla Ray had to say! Summer Camp Interview: What was the most memorable part of last year’s experience of […]

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Let’s be honest. Dance studios, especially aerial & pole studios, can be very scary places. This is especially true for new dancers, or at least was for me. You come to take your first class and enter an alternate universe in which everyone seems to have superhuman abilities. There are people who have been dancing […]

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SPACE/TIME, Body & Pole’s first ever Showcase, was an absolute hit this weekend. Both showings were completely sold out. Due to Kelly McLaughlin’s master planner skills, the show was special for a plethora of reasons. The entire studio looked and felt as if it were from another stratosphere. Every detail was considered, from the entrance […]

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Hello All Beautiful Dancers & Aerialists, We are so excited to finally be unveiling the Body & Pole Blog! It’s an idea that’s been in the works for some time and we are elated to create another space for us to interact with all our wonderful clients! We want this blog space to be an […]

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Bodies, if we take a moment to pause and think about, are miraculous little powerhouses of energy. Stop, I mean really stop and think about all the miracles that your body performs for you everyday. It absorbs all of the physical trauma we put it through, it does all these technical things like break down […]

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