Work-Study Program

Our work-study program is designed for people who are serious about pole and aerial and want to make it a bigger part of their lives. Whether it is competing, teaching, or switching careers, this program has helped countless others reach their goals. It is an intense year long commitment where you will be required to work between 16 – 18 hours per week spread between 2 shifts. During these shifts you would be responsible for opening/closing the studio, working the front desk, cleaning, rigging, and any number of extra tasks. In exchange you will receive unlimited classes for the year, space for practicing/rehearsing and discounts on select merchandise, workshops, and training. We hire 2 groups per year, one in January and the second in June. Many of our work-studies go on to be members of the Operations Team or Instructors at the studio but being apart of the work-study program comes with no guarantee of employment after the work-study program is completed.

Questions about the work-study program? Email

Part 1: Video Submission


Your video should be no more than 3 minutes long. You can email your video application to

Include the following:

  • Tell us about yourself (i.e. Who are you? Where are you from? what do you want us to know about yourself?)
  • Why do you want to be a work-study at B&P? (i.e. How can B&P help you? What does B&P have that you need?)
  • OPTIONAL (but recommended): Include a clip of your talent (if you’re a performer) OR teaching class (if you’re an instructor)
  • Send us a link to your video (DO NOT send to us in the form of an attachment, please use YouTube or Vimeo)

You will be notified via email if you are moving on to Part 2: The invited Interview.

Example Video: Adam Barry from 2016


Our work-study of the month for October was Donna! Hard working, and a creative force, Donna is highly involved in our community (she just choreographed in our Halloween Show!), and a bright presence on the work-study team. To show our appreciation, Donna will receive a free private lesson with the instructor of her choice! Thank you for everything.

Work-Study Testimonials

Becoming a B&P Work-Study was a turning point in my life – I have the career as a dancer and teacher that I always dreamed of.

– Emily Sanderson, Flexibility, Pole, and Cross-Training Instructor

The Work-Study Program at Body & Pole fully immersed me into the world of pole and aerial by offering extensive training, support and opportunity.

– Irmingard Mayer, 2015 US National Pole Art Champion and Assistant Manager

The B&P Work-Study Program gave me access to NYC’s best instructors, who helped me harness my abilities and grow as a performer.

– Allison Schieler, Flexibility and Cross-Training Instructor

The Work-Study Program educated me through mentorship, classes, training & opportunity to not just grow in skill, strength and knowledge of body & apparatus, but also it has given me an inside advantage in the aerial community which has turned the ‘dream’ of a career into a reality.

– Samantha Marsh, Aerial Instructor

Work-Study at Body & Pole allowed me to show the right people I was serious about making aerial arts my career.

– Alex Grime, Aerial Instructor

The Body & Pole Work-Study Program has helped me grow as a pole dancer and as a person. It has also opened so many performance opportunities for me.

– Regina Armand, Flexibility Instructor

Where are they now?

  • Rica De Ocampo (2010) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2012
  • Jadi Collado (2012) – Body & Pole Manager
  • Allison Wardwell (2012) – Master Trainer and writer for elevatED Flexibility Teacher Training
  • Rachel Salzman (2012) – Cirque School in Montreal, featured in LUZIA by Cirque du Soleil
  • Danielle Romano (2012) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2013, 2013 U.S. National Runner Up
  • Dalijah Franklin (2012) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2013, 2015 U.S. Aerial Pole Champion, Founder of Black Girls Pole
  • Phillip Evans (2013) – Body & Pole Manager
  • Liz Epp (2013) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2014
  • Zoe Kantor (2013) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2014
  • Shaina Cruea (2013) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2014, 2014 U.S. National Pole Champion
  • Stella Fink (2013) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2014, elevatED Teacher Training Manager
  • Roz Mays (2013) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2014, Founder of Dangerous Curves
  • Irmingard Mayer (2013) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2014, 2015 National Pole Art Champion
  • Joanna Skora (2013) – Body & Pole Aerial Instructor since 2014
  • Diana Susanto (2013) – Costume Designer for everything Pole and Aerial
  • Emily Sanderson (2014) – Body & Pole Cross-Training, Flexibility, and Pole Instructor since 2015, Body & Pole Department Manager for Flexibility & Cross-Training, elevatED Pole & Flexibility Trainer
  • Allison Schieler (2014) – Professional Contortionist and Aerial Performer in NYC area, Body & Pole Flexibility Instructor since 2015
  • Aya Clarke (2014) – Body & Pole Blog Manager
  • April Goodall (2014) – Body & Pole Cross-Training & Aerial Instructor since 2015
  • Samantha Marsh (2015) – Body & Pole Aerial Instructor since 2015
  • Alexandria Grime (2015) – Body & Pole Aerial Instructor since 2015
  • Emily Keith (2015) – Finding Your Freestyle Instructor
  • Brynne Levy (2015) – Yoga Pole Studio (Brooklyn) Instructor
  • Sam Doblick (2016) – AERA perfomer, Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2016
  • Jessi Colon (2016) – AERA perfomer, Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2016
  • Brigitte Madera (2016) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2016
  • Armando Gonzalez (2016) – Body & Pole Pole Instructor since 2016
  • Neumy Lee (2016) – Body & Pole Aerial Instructor since 2016