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Here is another installment of our monthly playlist to incite some new and exciting movement! With Indigenous People’s day just a few days ago (Thanksgiving) AND with the brutal treatment of the water protectors currently in North Dakota, we decided to create a playlist that highlights the music of indigenous people worldwide! From this country, […]

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So, I just took part in my first pole competition! I competed in Polesque, one of the more artistic pole competitions in the industry. I have never been interested in competing and thought I never would. However, I know that without a clear goal to work towards it’s easy for me to become stagnant in […]

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I finally got the chance to chat with Magnus Labbe, B&P’s first Artist In Residence to get the scoop on his inspiration and teaching styles! Read below to find out more! A: What’s your inspiration? What do you try and convey when you perform? M: I’ve been pole dancing for five years and have been […]

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