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In case you haven’t realized by now, Body & Pole has an affinity for the body. Bodies in motion, bodies pushing past their limits and growing stronger, more flexible, more confident. We love them so much that we see it fit to honor them, so we are doing just that! This Thursday, July 21th, from […]

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With all the craziness of the past month we know how it easy it is to feel hopeless, helpless, and lost. But we also know the incredible healing powers of good music & connecting with your body. So, we’ve created a happy and healing playlist for you. Some jams are throwbacks, some are new cuts, […]

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We got a chance to chat with aerial instructor, Summer Lacy, (who just finished auditioning for Cirque De Soleil!) about why she is obsessed with the aerial arts. She spoke about how participating in the aerial arts can make everyone a happier and stronger person no matter their age. Continue reading for more information! We […]

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